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Thursday, December 7, 2023

I haven't been updating the blog in so long. There is no way to catch everything up but so much has happened in the past few years. We fixed up our house in CT and sold it, moving to NC until we could get a house built on our farm land. As you may remember the pandemic. There was no way to build anything. So we ended up staying at our rental and while there we decided that it was too cold there. 

Buying a house was just as much as problem. Housing Market went sky high, bids were placed in cash well above the asking price, some were bought with an hour of being listed. We did finally luck out and bought a cute little farm house but it sure needs a lot of work. Work we will get to someday but at least we have a place to call 'home' even though it has none of the things I would have liked. An example is this house has one bathroom. I wanted 2. The bathroom it does have is small and doesn't even have a bathtub, it has a small shower stall. The bedrooms are small, the kitchen is large but useless as far as cabinets and space goes. It has a total of 3 outlets in it. One to run the refrigerator and 2 others. In fact, the bedrooms and living room is the same way as far as outlets go...not enough. One or two outlets in a bedroom. So this place really puts 'space saving' and things that can be done at one time to a test...but it is 'home'. 

There is no way to scrapbook here so I did get rid of all my scrapbooking supplies. I also don't have my sewing machine set up here so no sewing....yet. I do have plans on setting that up but have to change some rooms around first and find all my machine parts which many boxes were stored away at another location so it won't be anytime soon. I do keep myself busy with the garden. That is one thing here, a nice big yard with lots of room for a garden. I will talk more about that in another post and putting the pond in. Just know that it will take me years to plant this yard so believe me, I can stay busy for a long time. 

Another thing you should know is that we love it here in SC. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Remodeling June to December 2018, first room was the BATHROOM

Once we got home from our month long vacation visiting family that was spread out from IN to FL we started the physical remodeling job on the house. I say physical because I researched and looked through all kinds of sites including Pinterest, I also went to showrooms to get ideals of what I want each room to look like. This went on for at least 6 months before we even started the physical work.

This was suppose to be fun, so we thought but turned into a nightmare. The stress level was high and wearing thin on my nerves. Yes, it was worth it now that I get to enjoy the end results but this was started in June and lasted until December. The only reason I stopped was because of the holidays and January 2nd I had surgery on my foot so no walking or standing until it healed. (It is healed enough now so I will start back up as soon as the warmer weather is here. I rather air out the paint smell that do it now and have to smell it in a closed house.) Anyways, little things need to be done, a door painted here or a molding there. The hallway needs another coat but no real big projects left. Technically, it isn't completely finished but all the hard work is done (nothing but painting left) and last week I got the custom made spice rack so everything is in now in and hung were they are suppose to be.

First room to be done was the bathroom:


Yes, that is a shell sink from the 80's.


I never took photos for the intent of 'before and after' so I have no photos of the rest of the bathroom but it was towel bars on the walls, and that same yellow floor and wall board or whatever you call that stuff from the 80s. Naturally it is yellowed and cracked from all those years. Notice how dark the before picture is? Yep, that is all the light I had in there. It is a good thing I don't wear either makeup or contact lenses, I'd be really in sad shape trying to do those with that lighting. However now it is a different story. I love my bathroom now!

I wish I could have captured it but those tiles look like cut glass inside and they reflect the light in a way that makes them sparkle, much like a diamond sparkles. There is a new vent fan with a light over the tub/shower and recessed lighting in the ceiling in both the front of the bathroom as well as the back. (I did turn some lights off in some of the pictures to cut down on the shine.) With the new light bar over the sink, no more darkness!!! 

Also I decided not to mar the walls with towel bars and put up art instead. I bought a standing towel bar for by the sink to lay hand towels on and for bath towels we use the stand that is under the window (not in one of the pictures so look at 2nd from last) which we lay there to dry and then hang it on hooks inside the closet (which is why I want them dry first) until we get enough for a load of laundry. No more ugly hooks on the bathroom door with damp towels hanging so every time you wash your hands, your brushing up against wet towels plus the unsightly towels hanging from the towel bars on the wall. 

I love the clean lines and pictures. This room was what kept my sanity when the rest of the house was a mess! I would come in here and look at the trees. That wire tree hanging by the toilet is a great for stress relief by bending the 'roots' in different shapes. This room would always remind me why I am going through it and put a smile on my face every time. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

So much going little time..

The year just flew by and here we are already talking about Christmas. I have so much to post however so little time to do it but I will get to it soon. I am remodeling the house and can now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel so it won't be long. So much to tell you all about but will have to wait just a bit longer.

Since I already darn near missed everything this year, I just want to be sure to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

May 2018 Trip

We went on vacation for the month of May to visit family and attend our granddaughter's high school graduation. We made a bit of a vacation out of it as well as our first stop was Gettysburg, PA. We talked for years about going to see the battlefields but never got there yet so on our way to IN to see our three granddaughters there, we stopped at Gettysburg to take a tour.

This is how I toured the battlefield.
Jerry's first time encountering a horse up close and personal. I never knew he never touched a horse until this day. 

Our hotel was amazing with the d├ęcor but they wouldn't let me bring the cannon home.

The stay was much too short to really see much but we had 3 beautiful granddaughters waiting for us to visit in IN.

Sammy, Lexi, and Christa with Jerry
It was so totally amazing to spend a little time with the girls. I didn't want to leave because it was just a few days and certainly not enough time to really spend with them. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed and was thankful for every second we had with them but I still cried when it was time to go. I love them and missed them and that was even before we even got out of the state! My saving grace is knowing it is only for a little while and I will see them again in a year or two if all goes right.
Next stop is MS to see my dad. He is doing great for his age but time catches up with us all sooner or later.

So we spent a couple of days visiting dad and then went across to finally cross off the French Quarter, Louisiana off our bucket list.

Now I thought I would love this place but truth be told, I did not. First off, I couldn't breathe there. It was May so it wasn't like it was super hot or anything but the air there is so thick, it is like there is no oxygen in it. It is hard to explain but the other problem with the place is if you don't drink, there really isn't much to do. There are some nice restaurants around but I can't eat that much. The place is like bar after bar with little tourist traps in-between.

Luckily, I booked us on the tour, not only the French Quarter but other areas as well. Now that was interesting! All the architecture, history, and the rebuilding after Katarina was really interesting. We stopped at the park which is where the flowers (Brugs) I sent down went. At the park is where the garden is but we didn't have enough time to see it. We just ran into the park 'stop' to grab a drink and use the bathroom. Maybe one day we will go back just to see more of the areas we touched on during this tour.

So to sum it up, I am glad I went but I wouldn't go back to the French Quarter. Once was enough. I would be interested in seeing other things though, such as the park and other areas of LA. Maybe some day I will but now it was time to head to FL.

Daniel, Christina, Damien, and Willow came down to FL and met us there before the graduation. It was nice having the kids together again.

Funny thing is Mel and Willow are so close in size and looks, everyone kept mixing them up.

Graduation was nice but raining....actually, the whole time we were there it rained.

Before we left, I wanted to see an alligator so we went to the Everglades and I finally saw some.
 As if it isn't bad enough that it basically rained the whole time we were in FL, now there is a tropical storm/hurricane that insists on coming ashore in the south and going up the coast basically chasing us all the way home. So we left a little early to get a quick jump on it since the problem is the downpours make for nasty driving and with that much water, a lot of flooding as well.

I only got to see my brother in GA, Roy, for a couple of hours and then we had to head out to stay ahead of the rain.
A quick check of our property in NC and we were on our way home. I really missed my dogs and it was so nice to finally be home.
Although, it was May and I purposely had us going through tornado alley and even stayed in Tuscaloosa, I did not see any storms however the day after we left to start our trip, CT was hit by tornados. (Tornado alley went on record as being one of the most quietist season yet.) I figured at least in FL I could catch some nice thunderstorms however, it rained just about every single day and I did not see even 1 bolt of lightning. No thunderstorms!!! What the heck! When we left and didn't even make it to the border yet, I get text of funnel clouds were we were. Figures!!!
I come to the realization that I should not ever bother booking myself on one of those tornado chasing tours however Jerry insists he is going to rent me out to tornado alley so I can scare all the tornados away.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August is coming to an end...

I haven't been posting a lot since I really don't have that much to post. Oh, I haven't just curled up and died by any means but I haven't been scrapbooking or quilting recently. I had a few medical problems that made sure of that. I still garden and have gotten into canning and cheese making. I don't can everything like homesteaders have to do but just a few things here and there. For example, two years ago I canned sliced peaches so while there were no peaches available to buy last year due to the weather, we were still eating peaches. This year I canned some so if next year we have none, I will (if we don't eat them all first) have some. I also made peach jam from the peels. I haven't a clue what to eat it on but it certainly taste like peaches. Next time I make it though, I will add less sugar because to me it is too sweet.

Apples are about to come to season (if they aren't already). I will be buying them and making applesauce. I know it is always available in the store but have you read the label? I like my applesauce to contain apples and spices not things I can't even pronounce.

I am having a real hard time with my knees again. Back in June I couldn't even walk but I am doing much better now. I can walk although they hurt 24/7 I keep walking so they don't lock up or whatever so I can't walk again. I took up playing Pokemon Go to give me something to do while I walk. Now I am really getting into the game since the Legendary Birds came out. I can't wait for Mewtwo. I hope I am invited to a raid.

I can't believe my little Damien (grandson) started kindergarten yesterday. Time is really flying!

As summer comes to an end (I wish it could stay summer always) and the days are shorter, I know my beautiful hummingbirds will be leaving for the winter. Just yesterday I had my coffee on the deck and can already hear and feel the change. During the summer it sounds like a rainforest out there, all kinds of different birds and sounds but now not so much. This is always a sad time. I know the other seasons bring other 'beauty' with them but I wish summer could just stay longer.

Other than that, there really isn't much new in my life. Just enjoying being Grandma, Mom, and Wife and doing my walking and playing Pokemon.

 Butterfly in my herb garden.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Help Stacy Feed Cats for Free and You Might Win Something Nice for Yourself in the Process

Let me start by saying I do not get any kind of reward or prize or any other compensation for sharing this. I am simply doing it because I use this program and know for a fact that it works and it could really help Stacy (or anyone) out if her friends are willing. 

Both my husband and I use it and I've not only been able to get Christmas/Birthday gifts for my grandchildren but use the points for free bags of cat food. We have been getting two bags of 16-22 lbs of cat food per week which is a big help with our 'feral' budget. Stacy who has many cats that she feeds could really use the help with her cat food budget. You can earn the points, pick the Kmart nearest her and when ordering it, tell them that she will be picking it up. There is a space in the order form to list who is picking it up, so you don't even have to leave your house for any of this, it just takes a bit of time to play a scratch off ticket or other such instant game (You have a poll question first, just click a box) to try and earn the points every night. You also have the chance to win yourself some huge prizes such as a new washer, dryer, even a car. A lot of the games, you pick what prize you want so it is up to you what you win. Sound good? Okay now for the nitty gritty.

The site is called "Shop Your Way". It is a loyalty site for Sears and Kmart (as you know Sears owns Kmart). You go to the site and sign up for it (free of charge) and there is a rewards section where there are lists of games that you play. I don't mean like a computer game, these are scratch off tickets or ball drops that take a two seconds to do. In fact, there is even a 'skip' option to make it faster where you don't have to watch the ticket being scratched, it goes straight to if you won any points or prizes or not.

When you win points, they are good for 14 days from the day you won them. The more you play, the more games and chances you have of winning. You also get 'surprise points' occasionally. Some of these are not useful unless you plan on buying a new refrigerator (or other high ticket item) but sometimes there are some that can be used. I just used two last night, one was $4 in points I used for a toy for my grandson's birthday and paid the rest in points I won. Original cost of toy$9.96. Cost I had to pay using cash, $0. Then I found I had $10 of surprise points for jewelry so I bough my other grandson a watch (his birthday is in March). It is nothing fancy but he is a kid, I wasn't going to buy him a Rolex. Anyways, this digital watch was $13.94. I used the $10 off from the surprise points and the remaining from my own points. Cost out of my pocket for this is $0. 

I still have some points left over and every day I play trying to earn more. Sometime I get nothing but other days I get a dollar or two (or $5). Now say you want something but you can't use points on it. (Points can be used on most anything while in the store but even then there are a few things that you can't use points on, (in Sears, it is Land's End most times) so you buy the item for money. Basically, any time you spend money, you earn points for each dollar spent also. But that is just in case you plan on buying something from Kmart or Sears. You do not have to. As I said, I have won enough points in the 14 days to get a bag of food with no money spent out of my pocket. 

So you see that your points are about to expire so you order the bag of cat food, pay for it in your points, cost you nothing. Tell them Stacy *** (or whoever) is picking it up for you (be sure to pick the store near her) and either put her phone number in so she gets a text when it is ready for pickup or check your mail for the 'ready for pickup' notice and let her know. 

You get chances to win great prizes, can get yourself something for no cost and help Stacy with feeding hungry homeless cats all at the same time. What can be better than that! 

Ready to start? (I suggest using a laptop or computer for this part.) Go to the "Shop Your Way" site and register. If you log onto Sears and Kmart (you can do most everything from the SYW site but just in case you do log in to these) use the same log on info as the SYW site so your points are there. The one thing I do suggest you use your phone for is the Winit App from Sears but don't go looking for it now. Wait until you start getting emails because it will give you the link right at the bottom and if you download it there, you get $5.00 in points.

I do need to warn you, because you are just starting out this is going to take some time. You have to pick prizes, set up profiles etc. I promise you that once you get over this part, the rest is going to be much quicker. Where you come on every night and just spin a wheel (play a game). As I said before, many games have a poll question but it is a matter of checking a box to answer and takes a second if that. (For example: How old is your washer, 1-2 yrs, 2-3 yrs....) Many times I go to enter a sweep and it pops up that I already answered the question so I don't even have a question to answer. Once all this first time stuff is set, it is just a matter of answering a poll question and playing games. It even becomes fun and addicting but who cares, it is all free. 

Just a note on the Win It app. That is 10 items you pick to try and win. You get a quick 'commercial' of something and when I say quick, it lets you skip it either right away or after 5 seconds. You spin the wheel for points or prize. This app is where I win a lot of points (others say they don't win on it) so I do suggest if you can, get the app by using their email so you get that $5.00 right off the bat. 

There are many other benefits to being a SYW member, you can look around the site and check them out. I personally am more interested in the points but I do have a personal shopper. You can check that out also. There is also a FB group that if you do join, I suggest you turn the posts off and just go there to check out what is going on each day or whatever. There are so many people, it would fill your feed with nothing but the same questions or "look what I won". Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing it, I just don't want a feed full of it. 

If you choose to try this. To get to sweeps, once you are on the SYW page, look toward the top of it above the black bar and you will see in the middle of the page (left center) the word "rewards". Click that and you will see 9 boxes of different rewards, the bottom left is the 'sweeps'. Click that and you are there. Oh, and don't fret about missed codes to the games, I can tell you how to look most of them up. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope 2017 bring you all good health and luck in everything you do!