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Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2 Page Layout 2012

Here is the Thanksgiving Layout I did for Liftateers. I just love how this turned out. I also love the software program I have for my pictures. Lets face it, if you start with messy pictures then you are not going to be happy with the layout no matter how much work you did on it. I am still using Photoshop Elements 10, I know they already came out with 11 but I am still learning 10. I haven't even used all the features on this yet (don't forget prior to 10 which I got a few months ago I was using 5). Any ways, I love having the ability to take out the "clutter' in the photo that distracts from the photo especially photos like this where your in a public place and you know it never fails that once you start to take a picture someone has to either be in the way or ends up in the background or even of someone is there like one arm...LOL.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Diva!

Here is a page I did of my granddaughter Samantha. This photo screamed Diva loud and clear to me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Li'l Princess

A page I did of my Granddaughter when she was 2 months old. This is the granddaughter I never met. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pinterest Challenge 002 - Using Arrows

This is my entry for the Fiskateers site Pinterest Challenge 002 -  using arrows.
Damien had his first taste of baby food meat. Up until now he only had fruits and veggies. He is eating Beef so I call this page, "Where is the Beef?".

This is called Notions Quick Page and it is by Amy Teets Designs. I used My Memories Suite to do it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Burt's Bees, What's the Buzz?

As winter approaches so does some unwanted side effects....the dreaded dry, winter skin. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of money I spent in the past on all kinds of creams and liquids that are suppose to do everything from replacing the moisture in my skin to making fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Did it work? No. Either it didn't work or it didn't feel right on my skin (to greasy or heavy) or it made my skin peel. Point is, I never found a product I liked that I can use and it does what it claims it does.

The best I did in my years of searching was that I found a lip balm that I liked, this one don't feel waxy, and it works. What is it? It is Lip Balm called Ultra Conditioning by Burt's Bees. I love the stuff! Now Burt's Bees has tons of different lip balms, some even are tinted but I can't tell you anything about them because I only use this one.

Recently the opportunity came up for me to try some of Burt's Bees facial products since I am a BuzzAgent and I jumped on the chance.What is better than being able to try a product from a company I already love (for their lip balm)....for free? I can't think of any and to be perfectly honest with you, I wouldn't have tried it otherwise. I wasn't going to spend another dollar on products that I can't use and end up throwing away in this tight economy when I have to watch every cent. If you are familiar with Burt's Bees then you know it isn't exactly cheap. Now don't get me wrong, if the products worked then it is worth every cent and I don't mind paying the price but I certainly wouldn't want to spend that amount of money to try something that I may not be able to use it on my sensitive skin so this was just perfect for me.

I was sent the Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser, Night Cream, Treatment Mask, and trail sizes of Day Lotion and Night Cream along with some coupons for $3.00 off to share with family and friends. So now it is only a matter of "me" time to begin my skin journey.

Did you know that Bert's Bees is 99.0% Natural? Did you know they don't test on animals? Did you know that the new Intense Hydration line is made with Clary Sage which was chosen because of its ability to retain moisture? (plus it smells good!) Learn more about this eco-freindly company and their products, Burt's Bees.

Nov. 11th

Finally I am taking time for me and started with the Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser
Direction are much like any facial cleaner, wet face and apply the cleanser with your fingertips or washcloth, massaging gently, don't get it into your eyes and rinse thoroughly. No surprises there. 

My observation is that this is indeed a cream, not one of those cleansers (maybe they call them scrubs?) that feel like there is sand mixed in it and when you are done with your face it is scratched and irritated so bad it feels like you just went through several plates of a glass window face first. This is a very light creamy lotion and I can't be sure if the soft soothing feel or the pleasant smell is what I first noticed. It felt good and creamy going on and rinsed off clean without a residue or leaving my skin with a unclean feeling. 

I followed with the Intense Hydration Treatment Mask
Again, easy directions; apply a thick coating on face and neck avoiding eyes, leave on for 5-10 mins., wipe off with a tissue and massage remaining product into skin. 

My observation is that the mask has the same great smell as the cleaner but it feels different. Although it is a cream it seems to have a waxy substance in it. (Maybe this is where Burt's bees come in to play...beeswax?) It feels heavier than the cleanser and leaves a residue. Of course I am wiping it off with a tissue not washing it off with water so it stands to reason that there would still be some product on my skin which would account for this feeling of a residue. Even though I massaged into my skin I still  feel what I only can describe as a thin sheet of 'something' on my skin. It feels waxy...but not exactly, oily....but not exactly, silky....but not exactly. I can't really describe it as I know nothing that really feels like it to compare it to where I can say, it feels like this or it feels like that, all I know is I can't see it but I can feel  something on my skin. 

Bedtime so I used the Intense Hydration Night Cream.
Directions can't be any easier, use nightly after the Intense Hydration Cream  Cleanser. Smooth over face and neck. 

My observation is that the night cream also has that same great smell and it is indeed a cream. It is like the mask in that it is with some sort of waxy substance in it although not as much as the mask. It also seems to leave that residue feeling on my skin but again, not as much as the mask. 

Nov. 12th

Starting my day so no time for fussing, washed up and put on Intense Hydration Day Lotion
Directions are same as the night cream. 

My observation was the day lotion was lighter than the night cream with that same pleasant smell. I swear my skin looked more alive. It is like a dull hue was washed off my skin but maybe it is wishful thinking on my part or the fact that the temp. is almost 70 degrees and the sun is out. 

Nighttime routine, wash with the cleanser and put on night cream. 

Nov. 13th

It is a dull rainy day yet I continue my routine morning and night.

I am not crazy, my skin does look better....more alive! Your remember that residue feeling I kept talking about? Well, it is still there but it is a fresh feeling  almost like the way your mouth feels when you suck on a peppermint. 

Nov. 14th

Continued my routine of washing with the cleanser and using either the day or night cream. Could it be my imagination but the cream don't seem to feel like there is any kind of residue? Maybe my skin was just so bad it took time to work? I know I like the way my skin looks and feels now.

Have you ever had a little itch and lightly scratch it just to find you now have these white flaky trails right where you scratched? That is how my face was but not so much any more. I am loving the way it looks now.


I continued my routine but also used the Treatment Mask. It says to use it 1-2 times a week and since I am just starting my routine I figured I would use it twice this week.

Remember when I said my skin feel like the way your mouth does after eating a peppermint? That is the way my face feels when the mask is on. It is hard to explain but it tingles and feels cool but hot at the same time. I know, that don't make sense. You really need to try it and experience it. Any ways, it isn't a bad feeling, it feels good actually and it doesn't bother my eyes either.

In the past I have tried different creams and lotions and even though I put it on my face, my eyes would burn and tear. I didn't get any in my eyes, it is just from the vapor or whatever the cream was giving off that was getting into my eyes. This does not do that. Although I have it close to my eyes, there is no eye discomfort at all.

I still feel the residue when I wipe it off. (Remember, you put a thick coat on and 5 - 19 mins. later you wipe it off with a tissue so you are not washing this off your face.) It isn't like it is uncomfortable nor does it feel like my face will crack if I open my mouth but if I touch my face I can feel 'something'. I want to say it is a wax-like feeling and not a thick one, just a light coating of it.

Nov. 16th

Continued with the routine of cleanser and creams.

Nov. 17th

Continue with the routine.


A week has gone by from when I first started using the product so now for some of my conclusions.

The cleanser does work and I love the way it smells and makes my skin feel.

I do not know if that mask is really doing anything but it may be moisturizing too. I still feel that 'wax' film but it is not something that is uncomfortable and if I wasn't purposely concentrating on how my skin feels I may not even notice it.

Both the day lotion and night cream moisturize. They both smell good and do not bother my eyes. I also think the night cream is heavier than the day lotion with a slight wax feel to it. Again, this is not something that is bothersome and some might not even notice it.

My skin does look better. I notice the difference myself but as far as ridding any kind of 'fine lines and wrinkles', that I didn't notice. I still think I have all I started with but that is ok. I earned every single one of them and wear them as a badge of my life's work along with every grey hair I have.

So short and sweet, if you're looking for a good cream for moisturizing and caring for your face then I would definitely give Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Line a try, even if you have sensitive skin. I know I will be continuing to use these. I am also going to try some more of them that I see on their website but never seen in Walmart such as their hair care products, body wash and lotion, feet care. I want it all!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Brightest Star in My Sky

This is a page I did for Liftateers. 

I used some Fiskars Stamps and the Stamp Press to do it. I also used SCAL, my Cricut, and a whole lot of Stickles. There are a few star shaped brads and I used a white pen to draw each star in the background  let it dry then go over it in Stickles. I also used my Copics to color the bear (Stampin Up Stamp) and the star he is holding is from some cheap box set I got years ago after Christmas. I think I paid $3 and there is something like 12 little stamps in it with tiny ink pads. I am sure you know the kind....but hey, it worked. The only thing I didn't do is put the Stickles on the big star. I was going to put it just on the edges so it looks like it is glowing but I learned from experience not to do this and then expect to get a good picture. It won't happen. So before I go to bed I will put some Stickles around that star and it will be complete.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome to the Scrapbook Place Fall Blog Hop-iversary

Welcome to the ScrapbookPlace Fall Blog Hop-iversary!  If you have arrived from Pammie's blog, you are right on track. If you are just happening by, you will want to start at the beginning at the ScrapbookPlace blog

Fall is here in full force – crisp, cool air, leaves on the ground, Halloween has come and gone.  What a beautiful time of year!  Well, would have been if the Superstorm didn't rip all the leaves from the trees (see posts below) and as I write this I didn't have an early Nor'easter that put at least 8" of snow down for us to shovel. Calendar wise though, it is fall....a very beautiful time in New England. 

A Hop-iversary you say… You’ve never heard of a hop-iversary.  Well let me tell you what it’s all about.  Not only are we celebrating fall BUT we are also celebrating the seven, yes SEVEN, years that ScrapbookPlace has been on the net.  In seven years, we've made lots of friends and shared lots of memories.  More importantly, we shared our passion – paper crafting!  You want to join us, click here.  

We have a wonderful sponsor for our hop, Floppy Latte Digital Designs
The images used in the creations you see in the hop today are from FLDD.  Check out the site, they have great digi images and great deals!  Run on over to Floppy’s blog and leave her some love too when the hop is over! 

For my project I used used the digi "Fall Lamppost". I was loving the first of Tom Holtz's  "12 Tags of November" and thought I could combine the two to make a fall tag. Although I used the same technique as Tim used to make the tag I had a few extra steps to take so I could use the digi stamp. 

First I had to bring the digi into my photo program and size it, I also colored it there and gave it a sort of yellow/gold background. I printed it on a piece of Georgia-Pacific Cardstock. Then I cut it to the size of my tag and used Scotch Quick Dry Glue to glue it onto the tag and trimmed any overhanging edges. I used my Copic Marker E81 to color the sign as I didn't want it snow white but rather a tad bit darker and with an old/aged look since the lamp post reminds me of the ones I saw in the past. I then covered the complete sign with clear embossing powder. From this point I did exactly what Tim Holtz did for his tag except I didn't use the stamps he used. I won't repeat it all since you can go to his site and see his tutorial complete with photos. (Tim Holtz's12 Tags of November).

Leave some love at each blog and the main blog and you will be put in a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to Floppy Latte Digital Designs!    
Now hop on over to Joyce's blog.

If you get lost along the way, here is the order:
 ScrapbookPlace blog:
Carolyn :

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall 2012 or Lack Of

We really didn't have much of a fall this year. The leaves changed but I never got out to enjoy it. Finally my husband had a day off so we were going to go for a ride but Superstorm Sandy was coming to town so we spent the day getting gas, starting the generator, and shopping for food since we didn't do our weekly food shopping yet. Sandy took care of all the leaves that didn't fall so at this point, there was no 'leaf peeping' for me. Now here it is just over a week from Sandy and we have another Nor'easter which brought us snow. It was snowing here all day and I guess there is maybe 6" or so. Despite the unfortunate weather, work schedules and allergies, some things even they can't change such as certain dishes we tend to make in fall....only, not everyone will quite agree they are worth making again.

Now that I have a new desktop I loaded the "My Memories" software into it and made this cute page. I just love it. I am so behind in the news and updates that the software can do so I am working on catching up with that. It is simple to learn and the forums are great. I just love the tutorials plus someone is always willing to help answer a question too. I will be offering more giveaways of this software soon. I know most people won't buy it but if they won it for free they are more apt to try it out and use it. Even if you don't want to use it for your own scrapbook, it is a great way to do pages to post online for friends and family to see.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sandy - This Superstorm is A Perfect Storm

Ever see "The Perfect Storm" about the Andrea Gail caught in the storm of 1991? Back then they said it was a once in a lifetime event yet Sandy was another Perfect Storm. I guess I am on lifetime #2. I only did a layout of CT (Liftateers) although it really does not come close to the destruction statewide. Yet, we were lucky....much luckier than NY and NJ. My heart goes out to all those people.

To add insult to injury, we are expecting another Nor'easter.