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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Microsoft Does Not Call You On The Phone - IT IS A SCAM so don't fall for it!!!!

Today someone called on the phone claiming to be from Microsoft saying they have lots of errors from me and someone is trying to hack into my system. First they had me look up my "event registry" and then wanted me to see for myself how many errors there are. Then they wanted me to run an 'ammyy' (just put www in front of it and dot com after it) which naturally I was suspicious. I looked up what it was while stalling them on the phone and come to find out it is to give them remote access to my computer. Naturally I didn't do it and told them they are scammers but while I was on the phone with them I could hear people in the background obviously on other phones saying the same thing to other people. Then I looked it up and Microsoft does not call you on the phone......this is a scam that a lot of people already fell for. (They get into your computer since you let them and then they get all your passwords and other information. Don't be another victim. Hang up the phone!