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My Scrap Room

A common question is how do you store your stamps or how is your space I thought I would welcome you all into my scrap room so you can see for yourself.

We will start out by going through the door and looking on the other side of it.
This is where I hung a shoe rack and keep all my embosiing powders and paper clay.

Moving along that wall we come to the closet next. It has two folding doors and is taken up with my paper keeper. I keep more than just paper on the shelves and the top is full of my sizzix dies which are just to heavy to keep on a shelf.
Still moving along the same wall we come to a cute little stand that I keep my kits in as well as different rolls of freezer paper, my spare cutter and on top is my Crop=a=dials and my tiny well as my Big Shot.
(Remember I share this room with my Cats so don't mind the water bowl and other Cat items you will see in the pictures)
*Note the wall unit with the mats hanging under it.

That wall unit is where I keep all my brads, eyelets, and jewels.
Here is a closer look as to how I store them.
Now we come to the corner of the room. Along the back wall in the corner is my drafting table which has all my boxes under it. Each box is labeled and sits on a "shelf" under there so I can move the table and the boxes go with it instead of sitting them on the floor. Note the two big books on the top of the table. More about them in a minute.

The first book is the black one.
 It is filled with different stickers and die cuts.
The next is the white one. It is full of some of my stamps.
I stamped the image on paper first and added that first then put my stamps behind it so I can see what stamp it is easily.

Moving across the back wall we come to where I keep my rolls of stickers as well as some other things.
There is a wire rack under this but I didn't get a picture of it. Any ways I keep various things including my score  board on it.You can see it in the next picture.

Now we come to the corner which is where the book case is. I keep lots of things in here including the heat tool and all my glues on the top. Above the bookcase is a magnetic eyelet keeper. I put not so common ones in here.

Note the red box on the other wall....That is where I keep a magnetic stamp set.
(The big garbage can is under it)

Now we come to my desk.Sorry so messy but I was in the middle of playing.
In the drawers are my inks, some embellishments, glue dots and tapes.
On the other side of the desk is my pens, chalks, paints, punches other than Fiskars, wall paper.

There are several shelves above it. 
*Note the underside of the long shelf.
This is where I keep my stickles.

Upper shelves

Now we are at the other corner of the room. I have a cabinet there with my sizzix on it. Inside are all my scrapbooks.

This is how I have my Fiskars punches stored. I do have more bars but I don't have any punches to go on them yet so I don't have them up.

Next to these I have my ribbon holder with shelves above it and a table with my sewing machine under it.

The shelves above where I keep sewing things as well as scrapbooking.

Next to this is another bar and some rings.

This is how I keep the ribbons I have only a little bit of. Maybe someone sent me some or I picked up only a small amount of and they are not on a roll. This way they are easy to see and kept clean and tangle free.
Next to it is a big bag of ribbon I just never went through yet and put away. They will find their place in there one of these days.

Last but not least is my version of a :clip-it-up"
This is where I keep my varous packages of embellishments. They are easy to see and simple to move, take down or put up.

 It frees a lot of room in my desk drawer where I keep the rest.