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Monday, February 28, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Hello everyone!  I have been awarded an award from an awesome blogger, Andrea from Scrapality. Check out her awesome blog and send some love her way. 
This award is designed to recognize bloggers who have fewer than 300 followers, but they put a lot of love into their work. For me to accept this award, I am to spread love by recognizing up to 5 blogs whose work that I admire and that I follow.

The 5 blogs I pass this award to are listed below so please spread love to them...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Question of the Day

The Question of the day in one of my groups was asking if when I grew up were pets part of my family. My answer to this is a big "YES". I always had a fur baby ...well, sometimes some didn't have fur. I did have snakes, turtles, plenty of birds, and different lizards but there was always something as part of the family.

The second part of the question was if I had any now and what kind as well as to share the photos. So let me take the time to introduce you all to part of my family. Keep in mind they are all spayed or neutered.

Meet Rosie..... a female 10 yrs. old Pomeranian.

....and Buster.......a male 6 yrs. old Pomeranian.

.....and meet Hiccup (AKA: Sheila)......female 2yrs. old Shih Tzu.
I love this picture of her but you really can't see her much so I will add the one below.
Now meet my scrap room helpers who adopted me (which is a whole other story) 
Mamma....female 2yrs.

....and Kit Kit (AKA: Brat Cat)......female less than a yr. old and a kitten of Mamma and Poppa.

I also have 2 outdoor feral cats....
Poppa ...male 2 yrs. father of Kit Kit.

and Blackie..............female 2 yrs. old but I do not have a picture of her...she is camera shy.
Note: Picture added 11/1/13, Blackie is 4 yrs. old now.

On a side note, Mamma and Poppa had 6 kittens in total I had 3 of the 6 but found homes for...

Fluffy (AKA: Autumn)

and Butterscotch

I hope you enjoyed meeting my family.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Win!!!

The goodies came in from Freda over there at Scrap-A-Rama. I can't believe how much I got. I was thrilled with just winning a cartridge and I got all these with it. In fact, I was so excited when I opened the box that there was the new color of Stickles in there called Tropical Tangerine and I put it on my self and forgot to put it back with the winnings for the picture. (Did I ever tell you I am a Stickles Junkie???)  Thank you Freda!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why A Single Line Font?

The question was asked what is a single line font and what is so special about it. The easiest way I can think of to explain it is just to show you. 

As you can see, there is a nothing wrong with using other fronts if that is the look you want. You can always color the letters in afterward but to me that sort of defeats the purpose of using the pen. I mean if you wanted thick letters then why not just cut them out and save yourself all the trouble of putting the pen in, printing and coloring them in.
I remember seeing another holder but don't recall where so I can't check to see any fonts are available on that site but the one I am familiar with is Cri-kits. I know you can buy single line fonts at Cri-kits for $3.99 (I used Cri-Kits Sans-Serif). The pens which come in several different colors as well as Metallic, Glitter, Pastel, and Swirls (I used the Red Metallic). Naturally the pen holder (which also holds the embosser) is available there.
In addition to the Cri-kits fonts there are some free single lined fonts available for download. I know Club CK has Free Font Friday and they are now offering CK Curly which appears to be a single line font.  Also, don't forget to check out the blogs you follow. They may not have a font but they may provide you with information on where to get them.
Update: For more information on fonts; filling fonts, list of fonts and even how to make your own font in Inkscape (there is probably more information you ever wanted to know about fonts) please visit Kay over there at Cleaver Someday.
I hope my post cleared up some of the confusion as to why use a single line font with a pen.

I finished the wedding!!!!

You will not believe how happy I am that this wedding is finally finished. Here are the last of the pages.

We had to climb down a rocky path (yes in heals...LOL) to the covered bridge for pictures.
 After the pictures the bride, groom and myself and my DH all had the wedding cake which was a surprise. They didn't think they were going to have one. Don't you laugh now....I had 12 hours to make a wedding cake and believe me it tasted much better than it looks. It was a strawberry angle food cake with a creamy cream cheese frosting.
 After the cake we had them follow us to a nice place we made reservations at called The Painted Pony. They have the best prime rib and very reasonable. After we ate, they went their way and we came home. It was a bitter-sweet time as they only had seven days together then my son had to report back at Ft. Polk, LA.
Finally the wedding is done!!! Did I tell you I have 2 more weddings to do? Yep, they all got married 2 weeks apart. However, I am going to catch up on a few other things before I do another wedding...LOL.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No pictures, No excuse

In one of my yahoo groups someone asked if any one did layouts with no pictures. I did several. I will not let  important days/events slip by my scrapbook just because I don't have a picture. Some of these I even did before I had my Cricut. You can still do a layout without pictures. Here are examples of mine. I realize you won't be able to read the journal.

So you know what you are looking at, the computer has yahoo personals on the screen which is were I first met my now husband. The comment he made to me was about going to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. Eventually I gave him my phone number (on the phone below) and my address which he wrote down with directions for our first date. He wrote them down on the back of an old bank envelope which I also put on the page. He carried it in his wallet for over a year.

Our first date was to a flea market and a circus in New York. What happened is they were far apart so one day we went to the circus and the poor guy was so tired he fell asleep sitting on the bench. How he didn't fall I will never know. We drove what seemed like forever to where the flea market was. We got there about 3 hours early so we figured we would catch a nap in the car. Well, all was fine except for that odd whistle that wouldn't stop so I couldn't sleep which turned out to be an owl. Only way we made it home was to stop and rest at IHOP.

Shortly after we started dating he had to go away for 12 days. He is a tour bus driver and took the job before we ever met. I didn't want to go 12 days without seeing him so what ended up happening is he gave me his then brand new car and I would drive up to where he was when he was near. The first time I went to RI for the day but the second time I was able to spend the night with the group and we all stayed in the Publick House. (Now, I don't know if any of you ever stayed there but that place gave me nightmares....seriously. It proves that the color and/or decor of a room effects you and when they are busy or wrong color....things get bad in your sleep.)
 While I was there in MA with him it was his birthday. So while he was busy with the group I went into town to find a scrapbook store which I did not far from Old Sturbridge Village to make him a birthday card but ended up with a page instead.

Well, one date led to another and another and eventually we were married.

My son-in-law's shop picnic was at Six Flags. We all went and it happened to be Grandparent's Day. There was great food and of course the day was fantastic watching all the Grandchildren on the rides having a grand time.

So there is my pages that have no pictures. They still tell the story and when I do flip through my book and see them, I still remember that day with a smile. Although there are no pictures, there don't have to be. Between the stickers, other items and journal it tells the story and completes the memories just as well as if I had pictures on it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I don't know how many times I visited a blog and told the person how fantastic I think their project is and I want to try it someday. Well, the last couple of days I have been slaving over this coin envelope book that I saw when I visited Stephanie's blog. I figured it was a nice project as it wasn't very big. Of course you can make it whatever size you want but for the most part they are small. I have a ton of small papers and I can finally use some of them up on this project as I even have great tags from previous swaps in my drawer and I was going to use them someday but never did yet.  So this is a perfect, quick project for me....right? WRONG! I now have a deep appreciation for all the books out there made from tags or envelopes and can tell you first would have been easier if I made the book from 12x12 pages!!! (Notice no one warns you about that part.)
I don't have a way to do a video so I had to show you in pictures. The first pictures is how the pages look closed and the second is with the tags for their pages. I didn't go crazy taking shots of this as all the tags have 2 sides decorated and many with a 2nd tag. They can be used for a journal, small picture, ect. Some have little places for small items like movie ticket stubs and maybe one of those coins you squish a penny and make a scene on, or for whatever. You probably can't read the writing so I will tell you what it says. As I said, this was inspired by a video done by Stephanie over there at the Dragonfly Chronicles. (Note the name of her blog....Dragonfly....).

IF there were a secret garden, what would it comprise? Fragrant flowers, a babbling brook, Butterflies? Dragonflies, birds and bees? There would be all of these.  ~Linda Wall Hall
He who plants a garden plants Happiness  ~Chinese Proverb
Different flowers look good to different people. ~Chinese Proverb
Butterflies drift in color: illuminating spring
Keep a tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come. ~Chinese Proverb
Rabbit side: Every season brings its own joy. ~Russian Proverb
Flower side: The sun shines upon all alike. ~English Proverb
(Bet you thought I was going to say Chinese Proverb again!)
Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you ~Maori Proverb
Dragonflies move in graceful unison to the refrain of unheard music.

Remember if you want to see the video and grab a DS  file for her project, head over to the Dragonfly Chronicles or if you would like to try this project yourself you can grab my SVG of the coin envelope. I didn't add one for tags as no matter which program you use I am sure you have a tag. If you have any questions on this or any of my projects, drop me a line. Thanks and bye for now!


I won the blog candy from Kristin at her blog. When I opened it I found something I wasn't expecting. Thank you!!!!

Isn't this great! I have 6 Granddaughters so there is no shortage of girls around here.
Sorry about the picture not being clear, I was trying to take a close up but I NEED A REAL CAMERA! If you get a minute pop over and check out the beautiful work Kristin does.

(Note to self: Your picture are important so rule one is.....get a good camera!!!!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I WON!!!!

Mail came today and I got a box from Penny Duncan. I knew I won the blog candy on her site right after the hop when she picked the winners but to get it and open it....I tell you what, you think her roses are beautiful on her blog, wait until you see them in person. They are so pretty I hate to use them! Plus I also won 2 CD's of her cut files!!!!

Thank you Penny!!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your Photos Are Important

I enjoy taking pictures and capturing that image, that feeling, that wonderful awe by freezing it on my camera so I can print (or have it printed). After all, isn't that way we all take pictures? Sometimes the picture is not exactly as we remember it. It is either our camera (I sure don't own the best camera), sometimes it is our film, memory stick or whatever it is that we use now-a-days. Sometimes it is just us, we shake the camera, point into the sun, etc. Sometimes you just don't want certain things in your picture even though it is there such as, your son's scrape on his face he got yesterday when he fell off his bike in his school photo, the acne your teenagers have when you take their prom get the ideal. You know, I am sure somewhere among your picture there is one or more of these, that photo you look at and say "I like this photo but...." This doesn't even account for all the photos we have that are old and fading or have a crease in them. They are still our memories, photos we want, and these photos are priceless........and I like these photos but....
You should be saying, "I like this photo but I am going to....." There is no reason you can not touch up your photos to make them more to your liking and you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars for software to do it either. I am sure I am going to get a lot of flack for saying this but for the average person who does not make a living or plan a career in photography can get by nicely with Photoshop Elements. It is a great editing tool as well as fun tool to turn a good photo into a great photo. No, I do not work for or have any affiliation with Adobe or Photoshop Elements other than it is what I use and I love it. I had it for many years and only in these last couple of months have I really used it for more than just cropping and taking out that person that is partially in the photo. I know on line it costs about $80 dollars (after rebate) but I have heard Staples had it for about $60.00 on Black Friday so you may want to check your local stores for a sale price. I have version 5 (yes, I had it for many years) they are now on version 9 which has way more features than mine does so I do plan to upgrade to it someday.
I have heard so many people say they have it already but don't use it, don't know how to use it, don't have the time to learn how to use it. I have wondered myself....why am I buying all these supplies and spending all this time to make a page when the picture I am using is ok and I like it but.....
Pictures speak more than a thousand words so ...So, this is the original picture of my daughter-in-law on her wedding day. This photo was taken by me and is untouched and although I used a digital camera I had it printed by a photo processing place. Note the blue gown and the background really does not "do much" for the photo however it is important to her as this is the house she grew up in and wants to remember it. 

Now here is the page with the photo after I edited it.
Note the background and white gown.

The point I am trying to make (yes, I love to talk) is that we all can edit our photos to make a good photo into a great photo for our pages. There is no need for expensive programs or expensive lessons but you do need to take the time to learn and do it.
If you are interested in seeing what Photoshop Elements 9 is about or want to use their free trial click here.
If you have any questions about this please email me here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wedding Bells are Ringing

My recent project is to finally get this wedding done.
This is my little side kick. Yep, she is a lap dog. Hiccup (aka; The Head, Sheila) was my son's dog (I saw her first) and when he went into the Army she came to live with us. Eventually he just gave her to me because she is so attached and set in her ways. When he comes out we will go looking for another dog/puppy for him. Oh....almost forgot, that is the love of my life she is sitting husband Jerry. I know, the glare you can barely see him. It is out of the plastic but it is a glossy picture.

On this page I used cartridges Lyrical Letters and Home Accents. I also used Stickels and a SVG I made of the pocket watch which I will share as soon as I figure how to...LOL. ( was my first svg I made and took me close to a month!)

I used svg files from Paulo to make the desk-table and chair. The background lattice I downloaded from the SVG Cuts Forum. (There is a question as to who's file this is so if your interested you need to go there to get it.) The "floor" is made from the pedals that the flower girl threw and the little pink roses at the top were what I used on the flower girl's basket. The pink tulle is what I used to put the wedding candy in to put under the wedding cake. On the table is the picture of the wedding bouquet and the real ribbons coming out of it which is the ribbons I used when I made the bouquet. Next to that is two boutonnieres which are my ill attempt at making roses using Penny Duncan's method/files. (Did I ever tell you I am rose challenged?)

I used some white flowers I bought off eBay and colored them using different methods including Perfect Pearl and chalks. The leaves, cake, bells and vines I used several different cartridges including Home Accents, and Sweethearts. The pearl spray are the ones I used in her bouquet and again I used the pink rose from when I made the flower girl's basket.

I used a film strips svg from Anna. I also used Sweethearts cartridge and some things I had from previous buys or swaps.

I used many Sweetheart and Accent Essentials cartridges on the next two pages.

 I used butterflies and lace that I had. Ribbon is from the bouquet and the background is wallpaper.
I used my CRI-Kits pens with their fonts on the 2nd page and Sweethearts cartridge for the heart.

I used Sweetheart cartridge, flowers from eBay, Perfect Pearls, Chalks, and some store bought rings and other embellishments.
 Now isn't she precious! This page has the pink bows from her basket and headpiece, pedals are chalked pink but really are white and it is the ones she threw. It is hard to see in the picture but the checkerboard bow matches the under layer of her dress. Leaves were cut on the Cricut then I used pinking shears on them and a hand cut stem. The fence is from My Community cartridge and the button in the middle of the flower say "Happy" and that is what we all were that day.

The next pages have some of the same elements in it. This lacy pearl ribbon is from the flower girl's basket.
I put a leaf over the face of the Bride's Maid as she does not want her photo shown for personal reasons.
I used my Fiskar punch and some sticker-like elements that I had for years (The green vines).

Now these next two pages I still did not finish. I don't like them, didn't from day one and I said I would change them but keep drawing a blank for them. They are too plain and don't go with the others. What would you do with them? The rings are from Sweethearts cartridge and fonts are from a cartridge (I think the frame around the hearts was on a cartridge too but I need to check) but the cake and bride and groom are store bought die cuts.

I used Sweethearts cartridge and ribbon. The bells are an svg file of Christmas Bells from Paulo.(A snip here and there with the scissors and now they are wedding bells ). The To Have & To Hold is an svg from Nancy.

I just want to point out to look closely at the 1st picture on the bottom. Right between their necks you see the JP and the expression on his face is hysterical , it looks as if he is say "oh". The kissing silhouette is from Brittany.

Again, sorry for the leaf but I am going to respect the wishes of the person and not show her face. I used the Heritage cartridge for the words, the flowers were store bought, the pearl spray from the bouquet, bottom ribbon to match the flower girl's dress, top ribbon is a sparkly one that I had.

I just had to do a fun page. What is wedding without humor? What is any day without any humor? 
No, he is not giving me the finger....look again. 
I used a couple of different cartridges including Sweethearts and My Community. The people were brushes that I made into SVG from Obsidian Dawn

I used my brads, cartridges and Stickels for the next two pages. I also did a method (though you can't tell in the picture but they are cute in person) where you cut circles, scrunch them up then unfold them. I don't remember where I saw this but I know I watches someone's video. When I find it I will update. 

The next two pages I used cartridges and the SCAL shapes in the swirl folder. The heart with the people in it on the 2nd page (first page heart was from the cartridge Sweethearts) is an svg file that was shared and I don't remember who made it but I find them I will update. I used Stickels, gems, watercolor paint for the flowers (they were white and I bought them from eBay). White satin that I stitched on for a background, transparencies for the big pictures. (The picture is on the transparency and is placed over the paper.) 
The spray of pearls on each side coming from the flowers were from the bouquet, the tulle in the top corner flower is from her veil, the pedal between the two bottom pictures is from the pedals the flower girl threw and on it is the words "I love you" which is what she said surrounded by silver for the ring she put on his finger.