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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your Photos Are Important

I enjoy taking pictures and capturing that image, that feeling, that wonderful awe by freezing it on my camera so I can print (or have it printed). After all, isn't that way we all take pictures? Sometimes the picture is not exactly as we remember it. It is either our camera (I sure don't own the best camera), sometimes it is our film, memory stick or whatever it is that we use now-a-days. Sometimes it is just us, we shake the camera, point into the sun, etc. Sometimes you just don't want certain things in your picture even though it is there such as, your son's scrape on his face he got yesterday when he fell off his bike in his school photo, the acne your teenagers have when you take their prom get the ideal. You know, I am sure somewhere among your picture there is one or more of these, that photo you look at and say "I like this photo but...." This doesn't even account for all the photos we have that are old and fading or have a crease in them. They are still our memories, photos we want, and these photos are priceless........and I like these photos but....
You should be saying, "I like this photo but I am going to....." There is no reason you can not touch up your photos to make them more to your liking and you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars for software to do it either. I am sure I am going to get a lot of flack for saying this but for the average person who does not make a living or plan a career in photography can get by nicely with Photoshop Elements. It is a great editing tool as well as fun tool to turn a good photo into a great photo. No, I do not work for or have any affiliation with Adobe or Photoshop Elements other than it is what I use and I love it. I had it for many years and only in these last couple of months have I really used it for more than just cropping and taking out that person that is partially in the photo. I know on line it costs about $80 dollars (after rebate) but I have heard Staples had it for about $60.00 on Black Friday so you may want to check your local stores for a sale price. I have version 5 (yes, I had it for many years) they are now on version 9 which has way more features than mine does so I do plan to upgrade to it someday.
I have heard so many people say they have it already but don't use it, don't know how to use it, don't have the time to learn how to use it. I have wondered myself....why am I buying all these supplies and spending all this time to make a page when the picture I am using is ok and I like it but.....
Pictures speak more than a thousand words so ...So, this is the original picture of my daughter-in-law on her wedding day. This photo was taken by me and is untouched and although I used a digital camera I had it printed by a photo processing place. Note the blue gown and the background really does not "do much" for the photo however it is important to her as this is the house she grew up in and wants to remember it. 

Now here is the page with the photo after I edited it.
Note the background and white gown.

The point I am trying to make (yes, I love to talk) is that we all can edit our photos to make a good photo into a great photo for our pages. There is no need for expensive programs or expensive lessons but you do need to take the time to learn and do it.
If you are interested in seeing what Photoshop Elements 9 is about or want to use their free trial click here.
If you have any questions about this please email me here.


  1. Great! I just got PSE 9 and haven't a clue how to use it, so maybe you can teach me. I really wanted it to learn how to make negatives before I buy that stamp making machine. :)

  2. Chris,
    I tried to reply to you but am not sure you got it as it was a no-reply. Just in case you didn't...
    I never tried to make a stamp so I am not sure exactly what negative is needed but if you mean a negative like you get when you develop a roll of film then open your image in PSE (some suggest turning it B&W first depending on the image) and hit "control i"....that's it. Real easy. However....if this is not what you mean please let me know and we can learn and find that out as I am sure it will help a lot of people who have it and want to make a stamp.

  3. OK had a minute and I can point you to a group that makes their own stamps which can help you a whole lot better than I can. Go to

    You may want to join the group at the top of the post but be sure to scroll down as there is videos on stamp making plus images you can use.


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