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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Pet Week!

Well come on now....we can't forget the cats. In case you haven't seen it Cindy has pet week going on at her blog. Below is the pages of one of my dogs so here is the story of my cats. Which is sort of funny since I am not a cat person really and having three dogs, I had no desire to get any cats. However, that was not the way it happened. Seems the cats had other plans. I am not sure if you can read the writing on pages which is really an abbreviated story of the cats so I will write it out a little better here (and you won't have to strain your eyes).

It was in June (2010) and we knew we had feral cats around but now we see they have 6 kittens. Then one night when we were sitting on the porch we see the Mother Cat and the Father Cat bring them in front and they are looking around the grass for stuff to eat. Even the adult cats looked very thin and we feared they wouldn't make it so we started feeding them.
The mother and father would show up nightly and every once in awhile I would see this same kitten (the one that looked like the & white). We haven't seen any of the other kittens. I named the cats Mama, Papa and Kit Kit.

July and Aug I try and find a place that will take these kittens however no one will take feral cats or kittens. They either have no money or any resources to deal with feral animals.

As Aug. and Sept. go by I end up at least finding someone who will trap the adult cats. At least I can get them fixed so this cycle won't happen any more. With me feeding them so much I have them coming every day so trapping them should not be that difficult. Kit Kit (now getting big) is scared but now friendly to me. It will come over to me to get pet so I pick it up and bring it in the house. Naturally the only room I can put it in is my scraproom as the dogs have run of the rest of the rooms.

Oct. is here and the Mama and Papa cat now bring another kitten to eat. I haven't seen this kitten since it was very little, right after they were born. I sit on the porch and watch them all eat but then the Mama and Papa do something I thought was strange. They leave but when the kitten goes to follow them they swat at it and hiss. They walk over to where I was sitting on the step and so the kitten follows and sits on the sidewalk right at my feet then the Mother and Father leave. I waited over a half and hour for them to come back and get this little kitten but they never show up. I have to go in and I wasn't about to leave it by itself so I pick it up and bring that one in the scraproom too. I call this one Fluffy since it was very fluffy.

Oct. is coming to a close and the man shows up so we can trap Mama and Papa Cat. Papa needs medical attention since he has a sore on his front paw and is limping. Six traps are set in all the places I see them traveling in and waiting for their food. This is when I found out that I had it all wrong from the start. Seems Mama is really Papa and Papa is really Mama. I had it backwards. By the next day every trap was full. I didn't even realize there were that many cats around here. One trap had a skunk in it so we let that go and the rest all went to the vet. They all got shots and spayed/neutered. I could tell when we trapped them that Papa was not liking the house very much and didn't take to well to the cage. Mama was scared at first but calmed down afterward. The other three were not liking the cages much either. So when all the vetting was completed, I let all of them go again except Mama. I brought her into the scraproom too.

Nov. and both kittens went to the vet and they had their shots and spayed. They all had worms so I got medication for that from the vet. I found Fluffy a home! Fluffy was gone maybe a week and I go out to find another kitten. I am not sure who's kitten this was as it could have been one of Mama's and Papa's but this one was very friendly and it is getting so cold out so in the scraproom that one goes. Then I notice it was declawed. Who in their right mind would declaw a kitten and let it outside? I watched the newspaper and called the pound but no one reported the kitten missing. Butterscotch is what I called her and I found her a home.

Papa is outside and cries for Mama. Mama is in the window and cries for Papa. The two of them were always together and it breaks my heart to keep them apart. I was thinking about trying to get Papa in the house again but after talking to the man who traps the cats he said that Papa wouldn't adjust to indoors and around people. I don't think he will make it out in this cold so I buy him a heated dish for water and a heated pad for cats and then run out to Walmart and buy some big plastic bins and cut doors out. I turned it upside down and put the heated mat in one and the water dish in the other. I noticed Papa coming and laying on the heated mat. Hey, that isn't Papa....there are two cats there! Finally got a good look at the other cat and seems Papa forgot all about Mama and now keeps warm with this black cat that I named Blackie. Blackie is one of the cats I had spayed when we trapped them. (I can tell from the ear being tipped).

Spring is here and we had a record snow fall and the bitter cold....but Papa and Blackie are fine. They come for their food and warm in their make-shift house. I was so worried they would freeze and so grateful to see they are fine. I even feared they got buried under the snow when we had 3 feet but they didn't. I don't know where they were but they showed up a couple days later looking for food and their warm bed.
I never was able to find Kit Kit a home as she is not the friendliest of kittens. I resigned myself to the fact that she is my kitten. She will play with me but no one else. I started calling her Brat Cat because she is so bad. If I am scrapping on my desk and go to the bathroom, I come back and everything is on the floor or chewed up. I can't leave anything out or she is into it.
Mama is very laid back and don't bother anything but she is not very interactive with people, even me. She lays around and loves to watch me, sometimes even coming over for a pet but that is it. I also resigned myself that she will be my scraproom cat until her days are done. No one will want a cat they can't even pet and I am not about to put her outside again. She plays with Kit Kit and enjoys laying around and watching me. She doesn't cry any longer for Papa (nor he for her) and she seems very content with her life that is how it will stay.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Pet Week!

In case you haven't seen it Cindy has pet week going on at her blog. I entered this layout of one of my dogs.

What you don't see is that those titles (the white paper with words on them) really open up or flip up and it tells the story of this little dog and her journey to come to be with me. Although I spotted her at the pound first I wasn't sure if I wanted to adopt another dog so soon (I lost my dog to cancer just a month or so before) and ended up saying I wasn't going to actively seek a dog and if I was meant to have one, the dog will find me just as my Carrie had done so my son adopted her but he went into the Army which is how she came to live with me. Now that years past my son said she was too use to me and my ways so she is my dog.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Doing Dan's Style ....NOT

Since I know some of you are not in the same Yahoo group as I am in I will post the story of how my day went the other day here for you. If you don't know.... I like the work of Dan, to me he is like Tim Holtz with a flair and I find his work inspiring. So, this was my day:

After spending so much time on Dan's blog last night I thought I would get creative and do my zoo page by my interpretation of "Dan's Style". So to start off, I found that 12x12 paper (Dan has a war on with them)  and I thought I would bring more dimension into it since I don't have a lot of the Tim Holtz stuff so I got my Paper Clay which I also haven't used. Well, funny thing about paper clay is after about 5 years of not using it, it gets hard. So reading the package it says you can kneed under warm water...hmmm. Well, that was if it was a little hard, mine was way hard so I stuck it in a bowl after I broke it up into little pieces so it would absorb the water. So doing as the package stated I started kneading it only it was more like a handful of little crumbs so I try to squish between my fingers to break into smaller pieces. It must be working because the warm water I added into the bowl is now a grayish gravy type goop and it is getting harder and harder to get off my hand. So in my ultimate wisdom I proceeded to use one hand to scoop this gravy mixture up and the other to squish these little hard pieces to brake them up a little more but of course they are slippery and some go shooting between my fingers onto the counter top so I try and pick it up but at this time both my hands are covered in this paper gravy. I chase that darn thing all over the counter top and now have a trail of gray grim from my fingers all over the place. Finally I caught the darn thing and don't you know it goes shooting out from between my fingers onto the floor. To top that off....the dog thinks it is a treat just for him! So I try to shoo the dog from it with my foot as I am reaching with my arms over the sink to turn the water on so I can wash my hands only I can't get the water handle as I am not close enough so I stretch a little more and proceed to basically fall into the counter where my shirt is now all dirty from the mess I made on the counter top chasing it and the phone rings! I did finally get to clean my hands, pick up the piece off the floor and call back my DH. I set the bowl on the counter, covered it and walked into my scrap room. Figured I was safe in here and heck with that paper stuff I will do something else instead.....something less messy. So I decided to use a mask (Yep, saw Dan do that) and rip my paper.....use some ink. Oh yeah......the ink! I know......I saw this done, put a drop on the blending tool of one color and then a spot of another  and work it that way. Yeah....really getting into it now, just take the reinkers and do that. So I go to pull my mask off and accidentally hit my reinker which of course the top isn't securely on since I just used a drop of it. Well......I can tell you I have that "coffee stain" technique down pat now only I was using the ink called burned lipstick or something like that....any ways, it was red. So now my zoo page looks more like I was hunting with all this red blood all over it and in cleaning up this mess I somehow managed to get the ink on both my hands so it looks like I spent the morning eating pistachios.
I put everything away and went back to bed.

Well, here it is Sunday already and guess what??? I did do the page after all. It is not what I started out doing and I managed to hide a lot of the "mess". I feel it needs one thing more however I do not own one, I need a stamp that says "Dream". I would put it on the lower right corner by the key if I had it. I may come across one yet.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements

Did you know that if you have Photoshop Elements you can make great digital pages without having to buy expensive scrapbook software? If you don't like what you have in the program then add what you do like and what is great is there are many free images and brushes all over the web. Not sure how to do it? Not a problem as there are free "how-to" also. I found Jessica Sprague who has some fantastic classes on "how-to". Some of the classes are a bit pricey however you can learn a lot by reading her "free" instructions and she also has things like $1.00 Wednesday where you can get a lot of great paper, frames, brushes, clipping masks, and other things for a dollar. In addition to her being a wealth of information I also found others when I did a search....all free.

Here is my first (and only) digital page I did following Jessica's instructions. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

I guess I now stand corrected as Kat from Kat's Scrappy, Bloggy Life has awarded me with the Stylish Blog Award. This is one award I thought I wouldn't see. Thank you Kat.

Upon receiving this award I must…
*Thank the person who gave this award to me and link back to their blog
*Share 8 things about myself
*Pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
*Leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition.

8 Things about me:

1. I am married to a wonderful man who encourages me to do my crafts.
2. We have 5 grown children, all married. (2 are his from a previous marriage but I call them my own).
3. We have 9 Grandchildren and 3 Grand Angels.
4.  I love to cook.
5. I want to go storm chasing. (He thinks I am nuts!)
6. I love animals and have 3 dogs, 2 inside cats, and several outdoor (feral) cats.
7. Life does not begin for me until I have my coffee.
8. I have many health issues.

I would like to pass this award on to:  (Since there is no time limit I will take my time to fill this part out).

1. Vicki-done
2. Alice-done
3. Ruby-done
4. Janet-done
5. Alicia-done
6. Jen-done
7. Janice-done
8. Sher-done

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tutorial for Making your own View Page

If you do not know what a View Page is then see the posts below for the Red Hatters Blog Hop and look at the picture in the camera. Notice it changing in each picture. There are 4 pictures on that page. I call it a view page as I have taken the idea off of "View Masters" which we had as kids.
Once you get this down pat I know it can be applied to a card. How great that would be! I am however going to show you on a single page 12x12 layout since it is big and easier to show you how to do it. So lets get going....

You will need 2 sheets of whatever background cardstock/paper 12x12, one will be your background paper and one will become your photo wheel and a 12x12 sheet of any color scrap paper to cut your templates out of so don’t use good paper for this one. You will also need the cartridge George and Basic Shapes. It can be done without it but it just makes life easier to let your Cricut do the work.

1. Load your sheet of background cardstock into your Cricut and use George and Basic Shapes cartridge cut a 8” circle. Find the center if your circle and mark with a dot and pierce a hole through. (Your brad will eventually go into this hole).
2. Load your scrap paper into your Cricut and make a 7” circle, again find center and mark it and pierce a hole. Also make a 1” square and put to the side.
3. Put the 7” circle on the 8” circle and line up the center points which means the 7” circle is now centered on the 8”. With a light pencil trace the 7”circle onto the 8”.

I used a white paper and it blended with the background so I colored my 8" circle in black so you can see.
Just put your 7" circle centered on your 8" circle and trace around it.

 4. Now take your 7” circle and fold it in half and again draw the line lightly to the 7” mark (the inner circle).
5. Move your paper (7” circle) a quarter of a turn so that you can use the edge to again draw a line which will make the circle 4 equal parts. 
 6.. Take your 1” square and find center point and line up with your 8” circle. Turn the square so each corner is on one of the lines you drew. Draw around the square. 

7. Now fold your 7” circle in half again so now it should look like a slice of pie. 

8. Line your cone (7” folded circle) up with one of the spots on your 8” circle. Make sure you have the point lined up with the center point. You now covered that part of the square you just drew. Draw the missing line on your cone then cut on that line. (You are cutting the point off of your cone on the line you just drew.)

9. Unfold your cone and cut on the fold marks to cut one piece out. This is your template for your photos. If you have some sort of clear sheet of plastic you may want to trace this onto it so you can see the line up of your photos better. 

10. Now you will have to decide what pictures you are using and what you are using to view your image. Last time I used a camera, this time I think I will use a frame off of the Sentimentals cartridge.
11. Cut your image so that the cut out part (the part you see through to the photos) will fit onto the photo template without hanging over. 
If your center of whatever image you choose to do doesn't fit on your template, you need to cut a smaller image so it does.
12. Determine where you want your viewer but remember this has a bearing on how you need to cut your pictures so you want to be sure before you start cutting.. Remember the wheel has to fit behind the page with no overhang so the best way is to take your wheel and put your “viewer” on one of the photo sections and move that around your paper until you find a spot, this way you will see if your wheel is to close to the edge or not. 
13. Once you find where you want it take the center cut of your “viewer” and trace around and cut out. 

14. Using your photo template cut your photos and glue to your circle….keep in mind the orientation of each, nothing worse than getting done with it and find that once you move the wheel, the next photo is upside down

14a. Now that you know which way your viewer is and which way the photos need to be cut place your center back on your template and cut out. Make sure you have it positioned the way your viewer is going to be. The way I have mine set up I need it this way.

Now cut it out. Don't be fussy as it is a template, just cut from the side and cut the oval out. Then place on each of your pictures so the image is in the center of it. Draw around this template onto your pictures. I did mine green so you can see it. Now cut your pictures on the lines you just drew.

14.b. Position the curved side of each picture with the curve of your 7" line in your wheel. Now your pictures will be in line with your viewer window.

15. Put your wheel behind your paper and make sure they line up your photos with the hole in the paper (viewer). Once you are happy with the position of it pierce the center mark on the wheel through the paper. Put a brad through the paper and wheel loose enough so you can easily turn the wheel.
16. Check and make sure you can see all the photos in the view window as you want to make sure your wheel didn't shift as you pierced and put your brad in. (You can glue the whatever viewer you are using now if you want).
17. Turn paper over and decide where you want the wheel to come through the paper….bottom or side. Take a ruler and lift the wheel slightly just to get the ruler under it. This is going to be your slit for the wheel to come through so you want the ruler to be in enough so the wheel can come through and have enough showing so you can turn it from the right side of the paper but not so much that you see the pictures on the wheel. I would estimate about half an inch in and draw your line a little past the end of the wheel so it doesn’t bind and is easy to turn. Now do it again next to the line you just drew so you’re cutting a little gap in the paper vs. a slit.

Note: Depending on where you want your viewer determines where your slit will be. I need mine on the left but you may need yours on the top, bottom, or left. 

18. Take your wheel off and cut your gap. Put your wheel back on and bend the paper to allow the wheel to go through your gap. 
 Notice the small gap vs. just a slice in the paper.

19. If you haven’t done so, glue the rest of your viewer on the page and decorate as desired. 

This isn't finished but for sake of the tutorial here is my page. Puts a new meaning in family portrait don't you think? 

 If you have any questions please ask. Just because it is clear to me what I wrote doesn't mean it is to you.

If you do try this, please let me know as I would love to see what you have come up with.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Zoo Page and Blog Hop Winner

I wanted to thank you all for your well wishes. Once I get my medication straighten out I am sure I will feel much better.

Today I have another zoo page for you. This is the same zoo as the page in the blog hop. Speaking of which, I will be doing a tutorial for so make sure you check back for it. This page is the tiger page. Aren't they beautiful!

You know me and my plants so I added leaves and some stickers of tri-colored twigs. I made a paw print out of mulberry paper and chalked the lines in, then used a paw print punch I had. I used some twine to put a knot on each side which isn't what I was going to originally do but it works. The lettering is fabric lettering, the same that is in the blog candy for the hop. I just used chalk to give the brown one some lighter stripes. 

Speaking of blog candy, lets go find a winner!

mom2fivekiddos said... 33
I love the card....looks like it is a mirror reflection of the woman! SO nice! Kristin

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 3 of The Red Hatters Blog Hop

You should be hopping here from Lindsey at  LA Georgia Paperie. If you have lost your way or need to go to the beginning of the hop then you need to make your way to Dusti at Scrapping with Cricut.

Today I was planning on posting a card but unfortunately I was not feeling well yesterday and spent the day in bed so my poor card is only partly done. So instead I will let you all know about yesterday's post. Some of you picked up on it and some I wonder if you even noticed that the picture in the camera kept changing. I was drawing your attention to the leaves or the monkeys with words just to see how many would notice. 

Do you all  remember as kids we had those View Masters and you would buy the different discs for them? The disk was round and had a bunch of pictures running along the outside and the description under it. That page was designed to work something like that although I did not put the description on it but that could easily be done. If you look at first photo you can see the bottom of the wheel sticking out next to the talk bubble and that is where I turn the photos from one to another. Naturally you can blend it in with your background but if I did that it would be hard explaining where it was. I just turn that to go from one picture to the next.

Ingredients for yesterday's project:
Cardstock from my stash
Black Fun Foam Sheet
3D Pop Dots or the like
Shoe lace (camera strap)
Various Markers and Copics
Clip Art picture of Monkey on left
Cricut Animal Kingdom Cartridge for Monkey on right
Sheet of Acetate for easy spinning although I didn't notice a huge difference with or without
I don't know what these are called but they look like little washers you put behind your eyelets and behind the paper then you set the eyelet and this is so the eyelet don't pull out through the paper. I just call them little washers.
Tree/branch image which I used a SCAL file I have for some and drew the rest.

I was going to put up a tutorial of how to do this. So for today's comment (be a follower) I want to know if you would be interested in a tutorial for making a page where you can change the images. (I don't mean you have to do a monkey page.) A yes or no vote has no bearing on your chances to win the blog candy. All comments will be added to the previous two days comments and a winner will be drawn on Monday using

Now off to Ruby at Handcrafted Simply by Us you go.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome to day two of The Red Hatters Blog Hop

You should be hopping here from Lindsey at  LA Georgia Paperie. If you have lost your way or need to go to the beginning of the hop then you need to make your way to Dusti at Scrapping with Cricut.

Today I have something special for you. I did scan it however my scanner is not 12x12 so I only scanned it twice and stitched it together because that is the important part. The only thing you do not see is the very top with says "Southwick's Zoo" which really has no effect on the layout so I didn't bother scanning another two images and try and stitch that little bit on. So with that being said, here is my page.

You can't read it but that talk bubble reads, "Anyone see my hat and camera?????" 
I really layered that camera, trees, and the monkey on the left is also layered.
Here is a closer look.
See the leaves he is almost sitting on? Those look so natural if I do say so myself.
See how it looks like he is eating the camera strap?       
Here, maybe you need another look.
I also like the way the leaves and branches come across the camera. 
Guess we know where the camera is.
Look at the monkey on the right, he has the hat.
I just love the way his fingers grip around the rim of the hat. Don't you?
 Keeping with the red hat theme of course the hat is red as they are everywhere even at the zoo.

I won't post the ingredients yet. That will come at a later time because I want you to leave me a comment and tell me what you like about the page most of all. One comment per person and please include your email if you do not have it in your profile. Blog candy is posted in yesterday's post. All posts from yesterday will be combines with today's so if you commented both days then you have double the chance to win. Good luck!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Red Hatters Blog Hop Starts at 8 a.m.

Welcome hoppers! You should be hopping here from Lindsey at LA Georgia Paperie. If you have lost your way or want to go to the beginning of the hop then you need to go see Dusti at Scrappin with Cricut.

For my project I made a Birthday card. I am sorry for the poor image as I had to use my camera and I need a new one but I couldn’t get a good scan of it. In the photo it doesn’t really look it but the image is on silver foil and the scanner light just reflected in it so I couldn’t get a good image. The lettering on the outside is also silver. I know I put  “Reflections on Aging” but I didn’t mean that kind of reflection…LOL.

I wanted to open it slightly so you can see the hidden image. 

Inside: Not the tags in the envelope on each side.

With the tags up so you can see the hat and dress.
I was hoping you could read the inside but to save you the strain of trying to see it I will type it out.

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised. *

So my dear friend, why not practice with me?
We shall both wear purple with our red hats
And practice doing these things that don’t suit us.
Because growing old does not mean growing obsolete.
With age comes a wisdom the young will never know.

Happy Birthday!

(*The top paragraph was taken from the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph)

Copics YR00 (on women), R27 (on hats and rose), G09 (on rose)
Prismacolor Penciles (on women and her gloves, dress)
Stickles (used on woman’s lips, hats and dress)
Zig Painty Metallic Gold (used on frame)
Zig Painty Matallic Silver (Letters on the outside of card)
George and Basic Shapes Cricut Cartridge (lettering on outside of card)
Judi Kins Gold Embossing Powder (used on frame)
Melt Art Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (used on frame)
Mulbury Tissue (used for flower on hat)
Cardstock from my stash
Velum from my stash (Envelopes to hold tags)
Foil from my stash (behind women)
My SVG of the Coin Envelope
SVG tag
Sizzix Embossing Envelope
Clip Art (Dress on tag)
Buttons (on envelope)
Jolee’s by You (Gloves on envelope)
Hampion Art Stamp (woman on front and hat)
Stamp of Rose from my stash
SVG of  Oval Frame is from SVGCuts
Sticker from my stash (the gold lines inside of the card)
Pearls from my stash (on envelope)
Ribbon from my stash (on tags)
Eyelets (on tags)
Velcro Closure (for card)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my card and if you would like your own red hat I had made a SVG for you so be sure to download it before you hop away. I also have some candy ready to be sent out to one lucky winner.
Just be a follower and leave me a comment. One comment per person to keep it fair. Please be sure to leave your email in your comment if it is not on your profile. I will only wait three days, as stated at the top of my blog, for you to make contact with me so if you don't leave me your email then check back within three days to see if you are the winner. The winner will be picked by on Monday.

Remember....grab your SVG  Red Hat which can be used with or without the ribbon, become a follower if your not already and leave me a comment.....and off you go to your next stop which is Ruby at Handcrafted Simply by Us.

Here is the line up:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update and Reminder

The winner did not contact me and the three days have passed. Please people, if you don't have your email in your profile then put it after your comment so I can contact you. The candy will be added to the candy for the Red Hatters Blog Hop which starts Friday so get ready to do some hopping.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

National Scrapbook Day

I know it's short notice but if you're not doing anything on Friday evening this is the place to be. Just let me know if you are coming so I can make sure you are put at my table. I would love to meet you.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I hope you all enjoyed the blog hop. I know I had a few questions on my files and how to size them and separate them. Please, if you have questions about the files just ask. I don't want you wasting hours trying to figure them out.
Here is what you are all waiting for.....a winner. It seems you can not cut and paste Randy if you don't have him contained in a box.......LOL. I will have to work on that. Randy said it was number 11.

Patchworkhen please email me your address to claim your prize.   

Congratulations to patchworkhen!!!!

 patchworkhen said... 11
What a cute little teddy! I am now a follower.
blessings, patchworkhen 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

SVG File Blog Hop Is Finally Here!

Welcome to the SVG File Blog Hop organized by Sher...Thanks Sher! If you came from Vicki's Creative Crafting Corner then you are in the right spot. If you get lost along the way or need to start at the begining please go to  C90 Designs.

For this hop I made a Birthday Card for my Grandson who is going to be four. I used my Cricut and Lyrical Letters to cut the 4. The Bear SVG File to cut it out on paper and then on thick mulberry paper and made a tear bear (which he loves the tear bears). I used lots of stickles as he also love them. I used stamps (my writing isn't that good...LOL) and also stamped the bears on the inside. I am sorry I don't know what the names of the stamps are but I can tell you all the stamps I used came from Michael's and I colored them with Prismacolored Pencils.

Now the best part......the Bear SVG File is yours free for the taking.....(on the left side bar). Also feel free to download any other files that interest you while you're over there.
What do you mean that isn't the best part. candy! Yeah, your right, that is the best part. Well, being so close to St. Patrick's Day and I not having any files for it, I choose a nice boarder (of course with bears) and chipboard tags and frames so you can make your own St. Patrick's Day Card or Page.

Become a follower and leave me a comment and I will choose a winner on Sunday.
Now off you go.....your next stop is Patterns By Sher.

If you get lost bellow is the line up.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A quick reminder for cartridge blog candy

Just passing along a quick reminder that Freda over there at Scrap-a-rama is giving away cartridges. The winner will have their choice of one of the following: Once Upon a Princess, Nursery Rhymes, Summer in Paris, Summer Vacation, Independence Day, Pumpkin Carving, October 31st, H20, Thanksgiving, Christmas Village, or Christmas Cards. Go to here blog for details by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SVG Blog Hop and Card

I have been spending nights working on a few files for the hop on Saturday. I sure hope you are up to hopping along and picking up the free SVG files everyone has to offer. I know I can't wait but even too much of a good thing tends to give me a pain in the back. I had to get up and move a little to loosen my back up and get the circulation flowing to the legs again. What better way to do that then to go into the scrap room and do some cards. One is drying so I can't post it now but since I had to iron anyways, why not iron a card? I know a long time ago I read that you take a paper napkin (I used a paper towel) and it was all over the groups and web so I really don't recall where I heard it but I am pretty pleased with the way it came out.


Inside of card
I used a paper towel on card stock from my stash and inside is a sticker from my stash with chalk.

To make your own card from a napkin or paper towel do the following: set iton to Med.w/ NO STEAM also put down a sheet of paper to work on so you don't melt the plastic to your iron board or work area.

1 Decide how big you want your design and cut a piece of cardstock that size.
2. Cut saran wrap bigger than your cardstock and place over your piece of cardstock.
3. There are several layers to a napkin and paper towel so carefully separate until you have the printed layer only. This layer is thin and you can almost see through it. 
3. Put your napkin, print side up on top of the saran wrap.
4. Cover it with a larger piece of paper so that any exposed area of the saran wrap does not melt on to the bottom of your iron. I used an old phone book as I only made a card. I put my "sandwich" about quarter the way into the phone book and I turned about two or three pages and ironed on that page. 
5. Iron on your cardstock or phone book or what ever you choose to cover it with and check to be sure your saran wrap melted and your napkin is stuck to your card stock. If it isn't then iron a little longer and pay special attention to the edges. When your done let it cool a minute, trim your excess saran wrap and napkin from around your cardstock.  (If you found a corner didn't stick just put it back and iron again.)   Now your napkin is ready to be used in your project.

I hope you try it when you see a really pretty napkin or paper towel. Don't forget all the pretty napkins from the baby shower or wedding. Now how nice would it be to have that as an embellishment to go along with the pictures? I know I never looked at a napkin the same way again....LOL.