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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SVG Blog Hop and Card

I have been spending nights working on a few files for the hop on Saturday. I sure hope you are up to hopping along and picking up the free SVG files everyone has to offer. I know I can't wait but even too much of a good thing tends to give me a pain in the back. I had to get up and move a little to loosen my back up and get the circulation flowing to the legs again. What better way to do that then to go into the scrap room and do some cards. One is drying so I can't post it now but since I had to iron anyways, why not iron a card? I know a long time ago I read that you take a paper napkin (I used a paper towel) and it was all over the groups and web so I really don't recall where I heard it but I am pretty pleased with the way it came out.


Inside of card
I used a paper towel on card stock from my stash and inside is a sticker from my stash with chalk.

To make your own card from a napkin or paper towel do the following: set iton to Med.w/ NO STEAM also put down a sheet of paper to work on so you don't melt the plastic to your iron board or work area.

1 Decide how big you want your design and cut a piece of cardstock that size.
2. Cut saran wrap bigger than your cardstock and place over your piece of cardstock.
3. There are several layers to a napkin and paper towel so carefully separate until you have the printed layer only. This layer is thin and you can almost see through it. 
3. Put your napkin, print side up on top of the saran wrap.
4. Cover it with a larger piece of paper so that any exposed area of the saran wrap does not melt on to the bottom of your iron. I used an old phone book as I only made a card. I put my "sandwich" about quarter the way into the phone book and I turned about two or three pages and ironed on that page. 
5. Iron on your cardstock or phone book or what ever you choose to cover it with and check to be sure your saran wrap melted and your napkin is stuck to your card stock. If it isn't then iron a little longer and pay special attention to the edges. When your done let it cool a minute, trim your excess saran wrap and napkin from around your cardstock.  (If you found a corner didn't stick just put it back and iron again.)   Now your napkin is ready to be used in your project.

I hope you try it when you see a really pretty napkin or paper towel. Don't forget all the pretty napkins from the baby shower or wedding. Now how nice would it be to have that as an embellishment to go along with the pictures? I know I never looked at a napkin the same way again....LOL.


  1. WOW! That is a brilliant idea and a stunning card!!! I love how it turned out!! I want to try this awesome technique but I hope I can do it without setting my house on fire LOL!

  2. Your Grandson will love his birthday card.
    Great job.


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