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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Doing Dan's Style ....NOT

Since I know some of you are not in the same Yahoo group as I am in I will post the story of how my day went the other day here for you. If you don't know.... I like the work of Dan, to me he is like Tim Holtz with a flair and I find his work inspiring. So, this was my day:

After spending so much time on Dan's blog last night I thought I would get creative and do my zoo page by my interpretation of "Dan's Style". So to start off, I found that 12x12 paper (Dan has a war on with them)  and I thought I would bring more dimension into it since I don't have a lot of the Tim Holtz stuff so I got my Paper Clay which I also haven't used. Well, funny thing about paper clay is after about 5 years of not using it, it gets hard. So reading the package it says you can kneed under warm water...hmmm. Well, that was if it was a little hard, mine was way hard so I stuck it in a bowl after I broke it up into little pieces so it would absorb the water. So doing as the package stated I started kneading it only it was more like a handful of little crumbs so I try to squish between my fingers to break into smaller pieces. It must be working because the warm water I added into the bowl is now a grayish gravy type goop and it is getting harder and harder to get off my hand. So in my ultimate wisdom I proceeded to use one hand to scoop this gravy mixture up and the other to squish these little hard pieces to brake them up a little more but of course they are slippery and some go shooting between my fingers onto the counter top so I try and pick it up but at this time both my hands are covered in this paper gravy. I chase that darn thing all over the counter top and now have a trail of gray grim from my fingers all over the place. Finally I caught the darn thing and don't you know it goes shooting out from between my fingers onto the floor. To top that off....the dog thinks it is a treat just for him! So I try to shoo the dog from it with my foot as I am reaching with my arms over the sink to turn the water on so I can wash my hands only I can't get the water handle as I am not close enough so I stretch a little more and proceed to basically fall into the counter where my shirt is now all dirty from the mess I made on the counter top chasing it and the phone rings! I did finally get to clean my hands, pick up the piece off the floor and call back my DH. I set the bowl on the counter, covered it and walked into my scrap room. Figured I was safe in here and heck with that paper stuff I will do something else instead.....something less messy. So I decided to use a mask (Yep, saw Dan do that) and rip my paper.....use some ink. Oh yeah......the ink! I know......I saw this done, put a drop on the blending tool of one color and then a spot of another  and work it that way. Yeah....really getting into it now, just take the reinkers and do that. So I go to pull my mask off and accidentally hit my reinker which of course the top isn't securely on since I just used a drop of it. Well......I can tell you I have that "coffee stain" technique down pat now only I was using the ink called burned lipstick or something like that....any ways, it was red. So now my zoo page looks more like I was hunting with all this red blood all over it and in cleaning up this mess I somehow managed to get the ink on both my hands so it looks like I spent the morning eating pistachios.
I put everything away and went back to bed.

Well, here it is Sunday already and guess what??? I did do the page after all. It is not what I started out doing and I managed to hide a lot of the "mess". I feel it needs one thing more however I do not own one, I need a stamp that says "Dream". I would put it on the lower right corner by the key if I had it. I may come across one yet.


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  1. Thank you for that! I really needed the laugh today -- I could see myself doing the "chase the little gray ball around the counter thing"


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