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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Echo Parks is having a nice Giveaway on Facebook!

Echo Park Paper Reflections Christmas Collection Kits are up for grabs! Enter by Sunday at midnight. The 3 winners will be announced on Monday, Dec. 23. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Trip

Back in July we took a long weekend trip to Philly and I never did any layouts with all them pictures I took so here is the start of the layouts for that trip.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Comparing White Pens

I just can't seem to find a reliable white pen to save my life! I ordered Stampin' Up Chalk Markers which is suppose to look like chalk but it isn't and it does not smudge (none do)....I think they have it for that 'chalkboard' look that is popular. I compared it to the other white pens I have. (I used one clear one because I love how it 'hints' something is there and figured it would be great for details on dark paper as well.) I threw the Marvy Pen out, I couldn't even get it to write its own name.

Note: I wrote normal fast writing for each of these. I didn't even sit down to write, all were written the same.

The Stampin Up Marker shows up good and is not really blotchy (note the Glaze white pen which writes good for the first letter but the more letters I wrote I got more 'glaze' then 'pen" I got.)
Results: The White Glaze pen is out!

All the pens seem to leave a heavy mark where I first put it down and where I pick it up however the Stampin' Up marker is better about it than the Gelly Roll pen. With that being said, the Gelly Roll pen is thinner and those heavy marks can 'add' character to a font. It all depends on the look you want.
Results: Both Stampin' Up Chalk Marker and Gelly Roll pen are good depending on the look you want.

I also want to add that although I am not impressed with the Glaze White Pen, I am loving the clear one on cardstock that isn't shiny. Be warned when using it, if you are not at the correct angle you can't see what you're writing which is why I wrote the "G" over but I see many possibilities where this pen will be useful on dark cardstock.
Results: Clear Glaze pen is great to add 'not in your face' details.

As for the Crayola Crayon. I used that as sort of a 'base' for this comparison since most people are familiar with what it looks like.
Results: Used as 'base-line'. I don't use for journaling but a 'must have' in my supplies for other uses.

What is your favorite go-to pen for writing on dark cardstock? Mine is the Stampin' UP Chalk Marker.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pregnancy Page

Yes, this is Christina. Yes, she is pregnant with Damien. And yes, it is a little late considering Damien is 16 months old now but I never said I scrap in order...LOL.

Those 3 brad looking things coming down the top of the right side are not brads and they are not silver. Those are really 3 pink stones but because the pink flower is dimensional, it held the paper up like a little tent and the scanner caught the side of the stones.

The three square buttons on the bottom are some sort of epoxy buttons someone made (I just love them!)
Also the pink dimensional flower someone made but I changed the center of it so it didn't stick out so much. I made a button with my new I-Top and glued it in there.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Resign

Dear Brother, 
You said your old? Well guess what? I am old too! I am not thin anymore, my hair is grey, and I am not pretty but to top it off, I have old fashioned ways. I have pride, values, and compassion however I learned last night that those are things of the past. Just as the dinosaurs came and went so have these. Now what seems to matter is how fast I can go and a care-free attitude. I just don't understand people any longer. I no more would leave a hurt animal in the road than I would a human. Life is life and not for us to judge how 'valuable' it is. A dog dying in the road and no one stops? Some might think the dog shouldn't have been out as they sped by but 'we' don't know why it was out. Some dogs run out the door and so sneaky the owner not even know it. What I do know is what I saw and that is the car that hit him was nowhere in sight and all the other cars racing by almost hitting it again to make the light. That is what they cared about, if they had to wait at a red light. Did they even give the dog dying just feet from their car a though? I know I shouldn't judge my fellow man, that is not for me to judge either but I can't help but feel so disgusted with them. Some may wonder why I stopped, what I got out of it. I will tell you...A broken heart. Despite my attempt to save this life, it was not meant to be but I got to spend the last moment with him. A creature that knows not about the road but about love and gives it unconditionally. It didn't matter he didn't know me nor I him. I was there and he wasn't left in the road to die alone but die he did. My heart breaks because tomorrow I know somewhere in Canton a phone is going to ring and a person or family will be heartbroken that their loved pet, Spud is gone for good. And most of all, as I wipe the tears away and brush my hair and teeth to get ready for bed, I know the person looking back at me in the mirror with her old-fashioned ways can take a bit of peace in knowing *I* did all I could but my heart breaks because so many others can't say the same. Yes, what I got out of it was nothing but a broken heart and if I had to do it again, I would do so without a hesitation. So it is with these reasons I write to tell you that I no longer believe in 'mankind' or his ways no more than I believe in slavery so I am resigning from the human race. I am a new member of an old race...not mankind....I am " Old Fashioned Kind".

Spud was Found

Went to store in Canton/Torrington area to go to New England Scrapbook Store which is in the final days of its sale I might add. When we left there we turned onto the main road to head back to RT 8. There laying in the road was a little Jack Russel Terrier type dog obviously hit by a car. No one stopped, just went right by him like he was garbage! I just can't help but wonder how long he laid there before we happened by. I had Jerry put on the flashers and got out (Thank you to the women who finally stopped and helped me get him in our car) took my coat off and wrapped him in it. We took him to the Vet but not being from the area, they were closed. Thank goodness the vet was the next block so not a lot of time was wasted. (I managed to flag down a passing police car quicker than Jerry could call the police department.) The Police called it in and I went into the backseat to check on the dog. I know he was a well loved pet and his collar had his name and ID. I held him as he left on his journey to Rainbow Bridge. I just hope #Spud knew he wasn't alone. And to his family, I am so sorry but I did all I could, his injuries were just to much....and he is sorry he couldn't stay. Please try and take comfort in knowing he wasn't alone and I know he was loved (and loves you).

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Year in Liftateers

lifted Kirsti 1820

lifted Amy 2785 

lifted Heather 7291

close-ups of embellishments

lifted Kelly 3336
 page 2

lifted Vesna 3156
 WEEK 6 
lifted Kelly 5406

lifted Carole 6520

lifted Kelly4400

page 2

lifted Julie 9091

WEEK 10 
lifted Danielle 6985

WEEK 11 
lifted Sherry 9509

WEEK 12 
lifted Cinae 4148

WEEK 13 
lifted Linda 7883
WEEK 14 
lifted Amy 8546

WEEK 15 
lifted Kim 7868
WEEK 16 
lifted Lindy 7592
WEEK 17 
lifted Kelly 6446
WEEK 18 
lifted Beryl 9126

WEEK 19 
lifted Donna 4454

WEEK 20 
lifted Mickel 2590

WEEK 21 
lifted MamaLu 7598
 WEEK 22 
lifted Ellie 902
 WEEK 23 
lifted Corrine 7857

WEEK 24 
lifted Charity 6271
WEEK 25 
lifted Laura 5939

WEEK 26 
lifted Laurie 2630

close up
WEEK 27 
lifted Terri 54

WEEK 28 
lifted Michelle 88

WEEK 29 
lifted Amber 187

WEEK 30 
lifted Karen 2013

WEEK 31 
lifted Angie 4663

WEEK 32 
lifted Mary 1000

WEEK 33 
lifted Amy 60

WEEK 34 
lifted Nancy 3502

WEEK 35 
lifted Suz 6135

WEEK 36 
lifted Carolyn 6370
WEEK 37 
lifted Connie 524

WEEK  38 
lifted Patty 1052

WEEK 39 
lifted Sherry 1261

WEEK 40 
lifted Judy 2217
WEEK 41 
lifted Karan 3344

WEEK 42 
lifted Scrappy Nan 734
WEEK 43 
lifted Michelle 1423

WEEK 44 
lifted Stephanie 328

WEEK 45 
lifted Pam 5655

WEEK 46 
lifted Monica 6244

WEEK 47 
lifted Avital 4641

WEEK 48 
lifted Karen 3062

WEEK 49 
lifted Deann2342

WEEK 50 
lifted Fran 4873

WEEK 51 
lifted Mel 6101

WEEK 52 
lifted PamperedDiamond 5906