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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spud was Found

Went to store in Canton/Torrington area to go to New England Scrapbook Store which is in the final days of its sale I might add. When we left there we turned onto the main road to head back to RT 8. There laying in the road was a little Jack Russel Terrier type dog obviously hit by a car. No one stopped, just went right by him like he was garbage! I just can't help but wonder how long he laid there before we happened by. I had Jerry put on the flashers and got out (Thank you to the women who finally stopped and helped me get him in our car) took my coat off and wrapped him in it. We took him to the Vet but not being from the area, they were closed. Thank goodness the vet was the next block so not a lot of time was wasted. (I managed to flag down a passing police car quicker than Jerry could call the police department.) The Police called it in and I went into the backseat to check on the dog. I know he was a well loved pet and his collar had his name and ID. I held him as he left on his journey to Rainbow Bridge. I just hope #Spud knew he wasn't alone. And to his family, I am so sorry but I did all I could, his injuries were just to much....and he is sorry he couldn't stay. Please try and take comfort in knowing he wasn't alone and I know he was loved (and loves you).


  1. Well Sue, I am wiping the tears as I type this, thank you for staying with "Spud" while he died and trying to get him help to save him. I have a Jack Russel too and she is my baby. I can't even imagine how devastated I would be if she were to get hit and killed. It really bothers me when an animal has to die along side of the road all alone. It's not right and I don't like people who will hit an animal and keep going. Thank you for being you Sue!!!

    1. Oh Brenda I still cry when I think of him. I am so sorry for the dog and even more sorry to know that this is what the world is coming too and the people see nothing wrong with it.


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