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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Resign

Dear Brother, 
You said your old? Well guess what? I am old too! I am not thin anymore, my hair is grey, and I am not pretty but to top it off, I have old fashioned ways. I have pride, values, and compassion however I learned last night that those are things of the past. Just as the dinosaurs came and went so have these. Now what seems to matter is how fast I can go and a care-free attitude. I just don't understand people any longer. I no more would leave a hurt animal in the road than I would a human. Life is life and not for us to judge how 'valuable' it is. A dog dying in the road and no one stops? Some might think the dog shouldn't have been out as they sped by but 'we' don't know why it was out. Some dogs run out the door and so sneaky the owner not even know it. What I do know is what I saw and that is the car that hit him was nowhere in sight and all the other cars racing by almost hitting it again to make the light. That is what they cared about, if they had to wait at a red light. Did they even give the dog dying just feet from their car a though? I know I shouldn't judge my fellow man, that is not for me to judge either but I can't help but feel so disgusted with them. Some may wonder why I stopped, what I got out of it. I will tell you...A broken heart. Despite my attempt to save this life, it was not meant to be but I got to spend the last moment with him. A creature that knows not about the road but about love and gives it unconditionally. It didn't matter he didn't know me nor I him. I was there and he wasn't left in the road to die alone but die he did. My heart breaks because tomorrow I know somewhere in Canton a phone is going to ring and a person or family will be heartbroken that their loved pet, Spud is gone for good. And most of all, as I wipe the tears away and brush my hair and teeth to get ready for bed, I know the person looking back at me in the mirror with her old-fashioned ways can take a bit of peace in knowing *I* did all I could but my heart breaks because so many others can't say the same. Yes, what I got out of it was nothing but a broken heart and if I had to do it again, I would do so without a hesitation. So it is with these reasons I write to tell you that I no longer believe in 'mankind' or his ways no more than I believe in slavery so I am resigning from the human race. I am a new member of an old race...not mankind....I am " Old Fashioned Kind".


  1. Good for you Sue. Some kind soul stopped & took my Mom's dog Skipper to the vet & dropped her off. She had died. She bolted out of the house & was gone in a flash before my Mom knew what had happened & there was no way for my Mom to go after her in time. By the time she got out to look, the dog was way long gone. She ended up on a 4-lane street where she was killed.
    I thank that unknown woman for being kind enough to be with her before she died.
    I have stopped traffic for a mother Duck crossing the street with her babies behind her. I made my neighbor wait before I would let him pull out because there were (another) clutch of baby ducks who were scared under his car. He was furious. I said "tough".
    I ran out in the street & stopped cars when my dog bolted out the front door when my friend's kids left her out the front door. Too late as I told them to close the door.
    I almost got killed, but I saved my dumb dog from a certain death.
    You did the right thing. Forget the jerks, they are the ones who are not worth it....

    1. Thank you for leaving that comment. It is really nice to know I am not alone in this. I am just so disappointed in the way people act and their re-directed sense of values in this 'all-for-me-world'. I wish I could forget these 'jerks'. At least there are a few of us left who do care. Thank you.

  2. I am old fashion to Sue, it really hurts me that people will "gun" for an animal and it really hurts to that they don't pull over after hitting an animal. These animals are someone's baby, some child's beloved pet and to just hit it and leave, well it just sickens me and scares me that they don't value any kind of life. I'm with you on this one!!

    1. Brenda, thanks! I think we need a lot more people like us when it comes to animals. The world would be a better place.


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