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Friday, November 8, 2013

Comparing White Pens

I just can't seem to find a reliable white pen to save my life! I ordered Stampin' Up Chalk Markers which is suppose to look like chalk but it isn't and it does not smudge (none do)....I think they have it for that 'chalkboard' look that is popular. I compared it to the other white pens I have. (I used one clear one because I love how it 'hints' something is there and figured it would be great for details on dark paper as well.) I threw the Marvy Pen out, I couldn't even get it to write its own name.

Note: I wrote normal fast writing for each of these. I didn't even sit down to write, all were written the same.

The Stampin Up Marker shows up good and is not really blotchy (note the Glaze white pen which writes good for the first letter but the more letters I wrote I got more 'glaze' then 'pen" I got.)
Results: The White Glaze pen is out!

All the pens seem to leave a heavy mark where I first put it down and where I pick it up however the Stampin' Up marker is better about it than the Gelly Roll pen. With that being said, the Gelly Roll pen is thinner and those heavy marks can 'add' character to a font. It all depends on the look you want.
Results: Both Stampin' Up Chalk Marker and Gelly Roll pen are good depending on the look you want.

I also want to add that although I am not impressed with the Glaze White Pen, I am loving the clear one on cardstock that isn't shiny. Be warned when using it, if you are not at the correct angle you can't see what you're writing which is why I wrote the "G" over but I see many possibilities where this pen will be useful on dark cardstock.
Results: Clear Glaze pen is great to add 'not in your face' details.

As for the Crayola Crayon. I used that as sort of a 'base' for this comparison since most people are familiar with what it looks like.
Results: Used as 'base-line'. I don't use for journaling but a 'must have' in my supplies for other uses.

What is your favorite go-to pen for writing on dark cardstock? Mine is the Stampin' UP Chalk Marker.


  1. TFS this!
    Have a great weekend Sue!

  2. I agree that it is so hard to find a good white marker. I haven't been happy with most white inks either. Stampin up chalk marker looks like it has potential.

  3. I've had the most luck with the Gelly Roll, although twice I've had a problem where it works well for a few weeks after getting one and then it clogs and skips and is basically garbage. I've pretty much stopped trying to write on dark cardstock because I'm tired of throwing away money on white pens.

    1. Cindy, that is why I stopped buying them. These I compared are just the ones I have left. I can't even begin to count all the ones I bought and just didn't work or worked for a bit and then didn't work any longer. They just went in the trash. I was so tired of spending money just to throw away. I am quite happy with the Stampin' Up one. (No, I do not sell it I just happen to like some of their stuff so I buy it.) I hope you get a chance to try one too.


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