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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet My Grandson!!!

At 8:54 P.M. my daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy. His name is Dayton and he tipped the scale at 6 lbs. and 6 oz. and is 19" long.

Her labor was long and rough but mom is doing fine although extremely sore and tired.

So no one guessed the correct time I had left to do my hat and blanket on my #artChain project but 3 people did make a guess prior to me posting this so......surprise! All three of you will be getting a mystery prize. (Nancy, Jean, and Tona please email me your addresses)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Nominated to share my projects by Teresa Godines - Day 3 and give-a-way

I have been busy lately sewing. I want to share what I made last night. I found this cute pattern and tutorial on making a baby hat here at Zaaberry. It is super easy to make and I wanted to make the knotted one too but thought I would wait until Dayton is born before I make more hats since every time I bought newborn hats for the babies, they never fit. They were always way too big. I am using the same material for the baby blanket but I just haven't decided if I want the baby blanket as a baby blanket or if I should make it into a canopy for the car seat. I may do both since I have bought plenty of material but time is short. Can you guess how long I have to make the blanket and/or car seat cover? The first person to be the lucky guesser will receive a mystery prize.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Nominated to share my projects by Teresa Godines - Day 2

I made a card using Stampin Up products. I really had fun doing it and learned a great new technique for making bubbles or water spots. I also learned I was using my stamps wrong. The flower on this card is a Stampin Up 3 part/piece stamp for the flower. I always thought you put your darkest color on first, then layer on the lighter colors. Well, it turned out that I should have done it the other way, lightest to darkest. I know, I know, it don't make sense to me either. It seems to go against logic but I love the way the flower came out. suggestion is to play with your stamps and try them both ways to see which you like.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nominated to share my projects by Teresa Godines - Day 1

For those of you who are not on FB I am posting here as well.

I was nominated by Teresa Godiness to do a 5 day challenge called an art chain. For 5 days I need to share my 'artsy' projects with you and get to nominate a person to join per day.

So for day 1  (one) I was going to share the card I made on Tuesday but seems I can't find the darn thing now that I took all my sewing stuff out. So, looks like I will share what I sewed and hopefully somewhere in this mess I will find my card...LOL.

First a little background so you understand the 'why'. (Yes, there is a reason behind my madness.)

Back when the year started I wanted to 'unclutter' and that was my New Years Resolution. I started in the basement because once that is done I can move things that don't need to be upstairs into the cellar. I am getting rid of everything I have no use for. I am either donating it, giving it away, or throwing it out. In my quest to go through boxes I came across my chapter coat. I still have my patches and pins on it so I put it aside as I wanted to take them off before I throw the coat out. (Because it had the chapter and organization name on it plus "Sue" and "Army" it really is useless to wait until someone named Sue joined this particular chapter and was in the Army and I couldn't donate it because it is against the 'rules' to do so since the chapter name was on it.) Ok, so I will take my patches/pins off and it gets tossed someday... I put it aside and continued my sorting.

Now we get to present time and all our snow. It seems to snow every other day and I hate it but Damien loves it. I in my ultimate wisdom remembered snowsuit and even hat but never got gloves. I can't let him go out without anything on his hands so I put socks on but as you can see, they are not very warm plus do nothing for moisture. They didn't stay on his hands very well either.

Solution was of course to buy the child some gloves. Only one problem, stores no longer have gloves, they are already into clothing for spring/summer. I could buy him a bathing suit but not boots or gloves! So....I came up with my own solution. I remember seeing all these posts on FB about making mittens out of sweaters so why can't I make them from a coat?

I got that coat I put aside and took all the patches and pins off, then I cut the end of the sleeves off. I used that material for the 'hand part' keeping the elastic that were at the end of the sleeves for his wrists. I cut them in a mitten shape minus the thumb because he hates using the thumb for some reason (I am sure he will outgrow it) and added a nice flannel inside and sewed them together.

I sewed the halves together, washed them, and now he has water resistant, warm mittens.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Keeping with My Goal to Unclutter!

I was so tired of going into my drawer for a charger for one item and have to spend 5 minutes untangling cords so when my new DIY Decor Tape came, my first project with it is to fix this mess.

Two different designs of tape to tell adult from child's charging cords at a glance. 

Update: I just want to add this, I know I did on FB but I didn't say it here. I got this from a post I had seen on FB. I don't know who posted it or what site it was from so I can't give credit to them.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Copic Black and White

Still working on black...

I hate the color of her bow but had a problem with my red so just grabbed a couple of colors that went together....too bad they don't go with the black hair..LOL.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Playing with Copics

I was trying to color again (after a year or more) with my Copic Markers. I can tell you first hand, do not stop like I did because now I have to re-learn everything.

Ignore the skin, my markers were dry and I had to order the refills. This is my first attempt. I was concentrating on coloring black (Train) where you could see that it is black but still see details. (Yeah, very first time I colored something black I took my black marker and colored it, It turned out like this big black blob that you couldn't tell what it was...LOL) At least this is a tad bit better.

Why All the Hoopla Now About Measles?

I notice not one of these sites on Yahoo or Facebook or even the news ever seem to tell the other side of the story...the side of what was (and still is in vaccines in most cases). First off, where was the vaccine made? China? US? Does it contain Mercury? Thirmosal? What else? I have seen time and time again an "Expert" saying they don't contain either one yet according to many sites I have seen including FDA, some do. Just a couple of months ago a child dropped a mercury thermometer in my area school and the whole school was evacuated. If that is the procedure to deal with mercury then why is it in a child's vaccine? Keep in mind, they say "no longer" contains... So it did contain it (and they admit it) and they gave it anyways saying it was safe then too. 

Why isn't the MMR available in single disease/doses? Where in history has any Doctor (or expert) treated a child with Measles, Mumps, and Rubella all at the same time? So somehow it is thought safe to trigger a response of a child's immune system not to one disease, not two, three different ones all at the same time. But mind you, the experts say it is safe. 

Just as they say Measles was eradicated (even use the term "Eliminate") in the US in 2000.This would make the average person think that they were saying there were NO measles but that is not true. Seems the "experts" have their own language that purposely misleads the masses. There were 86 cases reported to the CDC in the US that year. Just last year there were just under 650 cases reported. So why the big hoopla now? 

Why is it that there were no deaths from measles 2004 - 2015 (CDC) yet there were 108 deaths (VAERS) due to the vaccine during that time? 

So maybe, just maybe, these anti-vaxers are on to something. I know I thank each and everyone of them for making the vaccines safer for my grandchildren by them bringing up the questions about 'what is in that". 

It brings me to the conclusion it is not they (anti-vaxers) who needs to be educated, maybe it is the rest of us who roll up our sleeves and just 'take the word of "experts"' that it is safe like a bunch of blind sheep. (No wonder they use the term "herd" immunity.) 

Furthermore, I saw a lot of parents who had healthy, normal children until they got vaccinated. Funny how Doctors keep saying there is no proof that vaccines are linked to autism, yet I saw the children and the results. To me, it is living proof. I don't need some "expert study' of it on a piece of paper. Besides, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) wouldn't have paid over $2,857,926,807.60 to families if they weren't injured/died from vaccines. 

So my real question is why would/should anyone vaccinate a child from a disease that no one died from with a vaccine that over 100 children died from? How lucky do you feel gambling them odds? 

(Had I have known this years ago, I wouldn't of had my children vaccinated either.)