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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Why All the Hoopla Now About Measles?

I notice not one of these sites on Yahoo or Facebook or even the news ever seem to tell the other side of the story...the side of what was (and still is in vaccines in most cases). First off, where was the vaccine made? China? US? Does it contain Mercury? Thirmosal? What else? I have seen time and time again an "Expert" saying they don't contain either one yet according to many sites I have seen including FDA, some do. Just a couple of months ago a child dropped a mercury thermometer in my area school and the whole school was evacuated. If that is the procedure to deal with mercury then why is it in a child's vaccine? Keep in mind, they say "no longer" contains... So it did contain it (and they admit it) and they gave it anyways saying it was safe then too. 

Why isn't the MMR available in single disease/doses? Where in history has any Doctor (or expert) treated a child with Measles, Mumps, and Rubella all at the same time? So somehow it is thought safe to trigger a response of a child's immune system not to one disease, not two, three different ones all at the same time. But mind you, the experts say it is safe. 

Just as they say Measles was eradicated (even use the term "Eliminate") in the US in 2000.This would make the average person think that they were saying there were NO measles but that is not true. Seems the "experts" have their own language that purposely misleads the masses. There were 86 cases reported to the CDC in the US that year. Just last year there were just under 650 cases reported. So why the big hoopla now? 

Why is it that there were no deaths from measles 2004 - 2015 (CDC) yet there were 108 deaths (VAERS) due to the vaccine during that time? 

So maybe, just maybe, these anti-vaxers are on to something. I know I thank each and everyone of them for making the vaccines safer for my grandchildren by them bringing up the questions about 'what is in that". 

It brings me to the conclusion it is not they (anti-vaxers) who needs to be educated, maybe it is the rest of us who roll up our sleeves and just 'take the word of "experts"' that it is safe like a bunch of blind sheep. (No wonder they use the term "herd" immunity.) 

Furthermore, I saw a lot of parents who had healthy, normal children until they got vaccinated. Funny how Doctors keep saying there is no proof that vaccines are linked to autism, yet I saw the children and the results. To me, it is living proof. I don't need some "expert study' of it on a piece of paper. Besides, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) wouldn't have paid over $2,857,926,807.60 to families if they weren't injured/died from vaccines. 

So my real question is why would/should anyone vaccinate a child from a disease that no one died from with a vaccine that over 100 children died from? How lucky do you feel gambling them odds? 

(Had I have known this years ago, I wouldn't of had my children vaccinated either.)


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