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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Plus Corporation of America Scissor Contest

This was on FB and the way it worked was that they gave out 15 scissors out (picking from all those who commented). Those 15 people had to make a banner out of paper. The winner of the banner gets $50. I was lucky and was sent a pair of scissors so here is the banner I made. (I got the idea from…/11/snowflake-ballerinas-for-crafty-m…/). I won the banner contest and I already got the check for $50!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Northern Lights with Santa Train on our Anniversary

Jerry and I broke out tradition this year. Every year on our Anniversary we went Christmas Shopping and Dinner out. This year we took Damien on the Northern Lights Train with his mom. He finally didn't cry at Santa but as you can see from his expression, he was not too pleased with this funny fat guy with the white beard. At least not until he gave him a toy.

The train was full of lights and decorations, the staff was great, Christmas music played to get everyone in the holiday mood, and Santa sat with every child in the train. I was so impressed with the train and staff. Thank you Thomaston Train for a wonderful time!

Friday, November 28, 2014

A Fun Card for Any Occasion

wk 10

This is just a fun note card I made for any occasion. I do use a lot of note cards and this used some scraps I had up. Don't matter if it goes to a scrapper, card maker, or someone who sews (which just about covers everyone I know...LOL). Very simple (if you had the punch even better) so something I will be using again when I get some scraps I want to use up and in need of quick note cards.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Card Yet Again!

wk 9

I know, I know, I keep using the same stamp set. Well, at least the SVG is different! I would love to tell you who it is from but I can't. Right after I cut it my laptop decided it had to update and install and whatever which is now on its third hour and I am not sure if the name is on the file to begin with. However, I will look and update this if I find it. All I know so far is it is not my file and I know I had it for years.

Any ways, I tried to make an effective Christmas card using only green and white paper. I know the snow looks like just wet blobs but it is Stickles on the stamped flakes. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope everyone didn't get a lot of snow. The timing of the storm really stinks as many were traveling today but I hope everyone had a safe trip and you enjoy your time with family and friends. I also hope no one burned down the garage trying to deep fry a turkey or do something like I am sure I would do and that is throw their turkey in a pressure cooker and not have the lid on properly and the vent open so once the pressure builds there is a loud swooshing sound as the turkey once again takes flight (against the ceiling). 

Speaking of turkeys, I want to share what I made with you. This is a little matchbox decorated for thanksgiving. I am using it to put on the kids table so there is no 'problems' with what child sits where. Now I know you are probably thinking that the family should be together and sitting at the same table for Thanksgiving but six of my grandchildren will be there (plus the 7 adults) so there is no way we are going to fit at the same table. Any ways, each child will have one with their own name.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Card


(As you can tell by last card, I got a new stamp set...)

Never have enough Christmas cards!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This card is a lot prettier in person!

I lifted a card with leaves on it for wk 7. I made this for my brother's birthday and it is a traditional thing to send him leaves (my mom use to do it every year up until she passed) so I do it now that I found him again. I know it looks like smeared mud on the scanner but that is really glitter paint (Glam by Tattered Angels). It is so bright and shiny in real life so you really need to use your imagination to visualize it. (I tried re-scanning it but it comes out the same).

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Card for week 6

I made this as a thank you (says it inside) for my neighbor who cut my grass a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Braided Card

To see how to do it and get the pattern go to brandyscards on YouTube.
(Someone in one of my groups was nice enough to share this with me. Thank you!)

This was my first attempt to do this kind of card. I do see things I would change for next time but for a first attempt I am happy with it. I hope you like it.


(Yes, I know I need to move the bow over one braid. I don't know what I was thinking when I put it there!)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scaproom back in order (somewhat) so I was playing with Card Lifters!



 wk 2  
(Yes, I was playing with my Copics!)

wk 3
wk 4

inside wk 4

will post more as they get done.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I so LOVE my Roomba!

Originally submitted at iRobot

The AeroForce Performance Cleaning System Ideal for homes with pets and allergy sufferers, Roomba 870 traps dirt, particulates and allergens, drawing them into the sealed, HEPA-filtered bin. Here's how AeroForce works: Tangle-Free AeroForce Extractors: Dual extractors grab and break down dirt and d...

I love it
By BuzzingSue from Naugatuck, CT on 11/3/2014

5out of 5
Pros: Powerful/Good Suction, Lightweight, Easy To Empty, Cleans under beds, Efficient, Easy to Use
Cons: Docking Problem On Carpet, Short Power Cord
Best Uses: Carpet, Human hair, Pet Hair
Describe Yourself: Frequent User
Primary use: Personal
I suffer from allergies and the Roobma870 helps me breathe easier because it picks up the dog fur in places I can't get to every day like under the bed. It also gets dust and dander. Another thing I love is it gets close to walls unlike my expensive upright vacuum. It required emptying frequently the first few times I used it but once it got the rugs cleaned, I use it to maintain the 'fur free' zones and can do a room or more without it requiring to be emptied. The only problem I have is the docking station. I wish it was designed differently because when it is placed on my carpet, it is too light and doesn't sit in the pile so more often than not the Roomba can't dock. The other problem with it, the cord is too short. I don't have a lot of outlets and those I do are not a good 'docking site' because of furniture being in the way yet I can't move the station to a wall because the cord is too short. Other than that, I am so happy I was offered a coupon to buy it at a discount for being a BzzAgent, it is worth every penny!
Here's how I clean under my bed
Tags: Rumbabuzz, Using Product, Picture of Product, Gotacoupon

Friday, October 31, 2014

Scraproom Getting Put Back Together and Here is My 1st Layout!

I have to admit this didn't come out the way I intended. In fact, I really am not sure I even like it but my room is not put back 100% and it will take some time for that to happen but I am not willing to wait any longer. So I wanted to do these pictures of the last of summer days and squeezing in that one last summer visit to the park with Damien.

Last Days of Summer 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Children's Museum in West Hartford

On 9/17 I took Damien to the Children's Museum in West Hartford. It not only had things to do but a planetarium, animals, butterflies, and of course it had all kinds of reptiles. Taking him here was a learning experience for both him and me. I learned things about him I never realized. For example:

In certain parts of the museum it is dark, not pitch black but dark (like where the nocturnal animals are kept) and the first thing I learned was Damien was afraid of the dark. We were going to go to the planetarium movie (about a cat in space for preschoolers) but obviously that wouldn't work out since they turn the lights off to show the movie and stars and things. So we skipped it and just did the museum.

This picture was taken on our way out, not in because even though the dinosaurs in the background are statues and the smaller one is only maybe 5' tall, he was terrified of them. It took me over an hour just to get him this close. (Of course I had help by a 'whale' of a friend which you will see later). So going to Dinosaur State Park is out of the question, their dinosaurs are 20' high and more.

His favorite toy was this over sized Lite-Bright type toy and.....

this simple wavy rail against the wall of the ramp down to the next level. You put the ball (in his hand) on the ramp at the top and watch it 'roll' all the way to the bottom where it lands in that red basket.

 I can see where he'd like the top toy since he likes lights but there was a race track with cars and you did races.....I fingered for sure he'd love that and we would be there all day racing. Nope, he liked this better.

He loved the fish tank and his favorite animals were these foxes, not the ferret or bunny.

He was afraid of the lizards and snakes.

This whale is huge yet he isn't afraid of it but was afraid of the small dinosaurs so size don't is the shape/look. The dinosaurs must look lizard-like to him so he is afraid of them.

I used this whale to show him it wasn't real and a sort of statue which is how I got him to stop being so terrified of the dinosaurs in the first picture. He liked this whale which he kept calling a "fish".
We had a nice time there but I was glad when he wanted to leave. It was a lot of walking. We both came home and took a nap.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hummingbird Don't Fly Away!

Every year I set out my feeders and I am entertained by Hummingbirds. They have been here for a few years now and I so enjoy taking my coffee on the back deck and watching them. It is to the point now that we have to be careful because they try and land on us or fly by so close and quick if we take a step in the wrong direction we could end up in a crash.

I haven't seen the male hummingbird in a couple of weeks, I wonder if he left already to fly south. I have the three (or more) females still here but I know the days are short. They too will be leaving. I know I have spring and can look forward to seeing them again but it is so sad to think of all the days in between when I don't see my beautiful,  feathered friends.

Good thing I caught this picture on Monday. Tuesday, first day of autumn, they took flight south.

I will be waiting for your return!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Damien takes his First Train Ride!

Damien has never been on a train, in fact, he hasn't even seen a real one up close so on Tuesday 9/16 we went to Thomaston and took a scenic 1.25 hour train ride on the Naugatuck Railroad in the rain.

When we arrived the train wasn't there but it wasn't long until it came.

Damien seemed a little unsure of this.


A little nervous when the train started to move so he hung on tight.

It didn't take long until he realized what it was all about and relaxed.

 The view was pretty in parts, even in the rain. 

 Damien stayed glued to the window for a long time.

We even had snack on the train.

He even got up, walked around, pulled me to take him outside of the train in back. We stood there for a long time but he just got too heavy (I had to hold him, too dangerous to let him stand as he could fit between the bars on the railing and fall onto the track) so we went back inside to our seats. It wasn't long after that the station came into view.

Someone knows where he is!

It was a fantastic time for both of us! Once we got off we went to the back where another train was.
Notice he sure wasn't nervous any longer....he ran right over to it and tried to go up the stairs.

He liked being on top of the train like he was driving it. 

It was a long train (don't move) and what was even better is when they opened one of the cars so Damien could go in and look around. I found it really interesting and Damien had to check out what was behind every door in there, not once, not twice, but like three times. Like if he shut the door and opened it again something different would be in there. Naturally that never happened but he had a great time doing it. 

It was a long day for both of us so when he was done checking the train out, we went home.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Lighthouse for Ben

Ben's Wheeler would have been 8 years old on September 12. Unfortunately his life was cut short because while attending school in Sandy Hook someone came in and shot him along with 19 other children and 6 adults. They all died. We remember Ben, a young boy who was in love with lighthouses so on September 12 people from all over the world put out either a candle or a lighthouse to celebrate a life that once was.

I was going to put out my candle but decided Ben really needed a lighthouse so I was going to make him one. Unfortunately Damien was sick that day so I got nothing done since he couldn't go to school he was here all day. (Ever try and do anything with a clingy, sick, two year old at your heels?) I was determined to get him his lighthouse by the 7:30 deadline (every candle and lighthouse was to be lit then) but by the time Damien was picked up and meals made and eaten I was left with 40 minutes to get a lighthouse together.

It didn't turn out anything like I wanted it to. I wanted to paint it and really make it realistic looking but that isn't what was meant to be however I did get this somewhat primitive one together and lit it right on time. What it lacks in looks, it is full of with love.

(Because it is light out when I took the picture you can't see the 'light' but it is working.)

Here is my lighthouse I built just for you.
I know it isn't the best but it'll have to do.

Looking down from heaven I hope you see.
All the love and sorrow put into it by me.

Happy Birthday Ben!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Around the neighborhood...

Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I posted on my blog.
I still am not scrapping but lots of things have been happening. Here is one of them...

My house before....

My house after....

Yes, I know there is still work to do on it. Paint the railing black, paint the pipes (oil fill and such) to matched the new color of the house and a few odds and ends but I love the new look of the house.

Apparently so does my next door neighbor, they just finished her house today. She loved the look of the shingles in front and did her whole house that way in a light green (which was the first color I picked but changed it this blue as it is the same color of my childhood home and just makes me feel happy.)


so does my new neighbor. Well, actually she is across the street from me and been here about a year now but she is the newest person in the neighborhood. I call her my Crazy California Neighbor. She isn't crazy and she never been to California let alone come from there. So, why do I call her that? Here's why....

Before you ask, there are 3 colors, silver, black and white. It took 4 hours to paint her and it was done by someone (sorry, I don't know her name) who does makeup and wants to go on that show on TV. I think it is like Face Off where they have so long to do a certain creation for a contract/prize but I don't know the name of it, it may even be Face Off but I could swear there is a new one coming or just came out done with make up like this. Maybe one of you know what the name of it is. (And yes, that is her real hair and how she keeps it all the time.) 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Posting on the blog so you know I am still here.

Many may have noticed I have not been posting since Dec. I just want to let you know I am not abandoning my blog but I am having some medical complications that is not allowing me to scrap. I will be scrapping again as soon as I am able and posting once again. Hopefully it won't be long now. I start physical therapy next week and hope after a few weeks of that, I will once again be good to go.

In the meantime, I am still reading so check out my reading blog (button to the left) called My Nook Blog even though I do use my Kindle so you can see what I was up to and discover some fantastic writers like I did.