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Friday, September 12, 2014

Lighthouse for Ben

Ben's Wheeler would have been 8 years old on September 12. Unfortunately his life was cut short because while attending school in Sandy Hook someone came in and shot him along with 19 other children and 6 adults. They all died. We remember Ben, a young boy who was in love with lighthouses so on September 12 people from all over the world put out either a candle or a lighthouse to celebrate a life that once was.

I was going to put out my candle but decided Ben really needed a lighthouse so I was going to make him one. Unfortunately Damien was sick that day so I got nothing done since he couldn't go to school he was here all day. (Ever try and do anything with a clingy, sick, two year old at your heels?) I was determined to get him his lighthouse by the 7:30 deadline (every candle and lighthouse was to be lit then) but by the time Damien was picked up and meals made and eaten I was left with 40 minutes to get a lighthouse together.

It didn't turn out anything like I wanted it to. I wanted to paint it and really make it realistic looking but that isn't what was meant to be however I did get this somewhat primitive one together and lit it right on time. What it lacks in looks, it is full of with love.

(Because it is light out when I took the picture you can't see the 'light' but it is working.)

Here is my lighthouse I built just for you.
I know it isn't the best but it'll have to do.

Looking down from heaven I hope you see.
All the love and sorrow put into it by me.

Happy Birthday Ben!


  1. What an amazing and beautiful tribute.

  2. Even with this closer pictures, I still think this is an amazing lighthouse Sue. From a few feet away, it looks real and that is what Ben would like the most. I saw the night time picture and it is beautiful with the light shining. Your tribute is beautiful.


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