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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hummingbird Don't Fly Away!

Every year I set out my feeders and I am entertained by Hummingbirds. They have been here for a few years now and I so enjoy taking my coffee on the back deck and watching them. It is to the point now that we have to be careful because they try and land on us or fly by so close and quick if we take a step in the wrong direction we could end up in a crash.

I haven't seen the male hummingbird in a couple of weeks, I wonder if he left already to fly south. I have the three (or more) females still here but I know the days are short. They too will be leaving. I know I have spring and can look forward to seeing them again but it is so sad to think of all the days in between when I don't see my beautiful,  feathered friends.

Good thing I caught this picture on Monday. Tuesday, first day of autumn, they took flight south.

I will be waiting for your return!!!


  1. She is beautiful Sue and I can see why you enjoy watching them everyday. I love too, that they return every year. I need to keep closer watch this winter to see if I can identify one or more every day.

  2. I miss them already. It is so empty on my porch without them.


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