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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Damien takes his First Train Ride!

Damien has never been on a train, in fact, he hasn't even seen a real one up close so on Tuesday 9/16 we went to Thomaston and took a scenic 1.25 hour train ride on the Naugatuck Railroad in the rain.

When we arrived the train wasn't there but it wasn't long until it came.

Damien seemed a little unsure of this.


A little nervous when the train started to move so he hung on tight.

It didn't take long until he realized what it was all about and relaxed.

 The view was pretty in parts, even in the rain. 

 Damien stayed glued to the window for a long time.

We even had snack on the train.

He even got up, walked around, pulled me to take him outside of the train in back. We stood there for a long time but he just got too heavy (I had to hold him, too dangerous to let him stand as he could fit between the bars on the railing and fall onto the track) so we went back inside to our seats. It wasn't long after that the station came into view.

Someone knows where he is!

It was a fantastic time for both of us! Once we got off we went to the back where another train was.
Notice he sure wasn't nervous any longer....he ran right over to it and tried to go up the stairs.

He liked being on top of the train like he was driving it. 

It was a long train (don't move) and what was even better is when they opened one of the cars so Damien could go in and look around. I found it really interesting and Damien had to check out what was behind every door in there, not once, not twice, but like three times. Like if he shut the door and opened it again something different would be in there. Naturally that never happened but he had a great time doing it. 

It was a long day for both of us so when he was done checking the train out, we went home.


  1. What a wonderful day this must have been! The pictures are great and really tell the story. I love too, that your train station hasn't been updated and still has all the charm expected at a station.

  2. Yes, problem is that a lot of the great charm of these older buildings are being replaced with new modern ones. It changes the whole town feel when they do that. I much rather it stay the way it was too.


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