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Monday, November 3, 2014

I so LOVE my Roomba!

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The AeroForce Performance Cleaning System Ideal for homes with pets and allergy sufferers, Roomba 870 traps dirt, particulates and allergens, drawing them into the sealed, HEPA-filtered bin. Here's how AeroForce works: Tangle-Free AeroForce Extractors: Dual extractors grab and break down dirt and d...

I love it
By BuzzingSue from Naugatuck, CT on 11/3/2014

5out of 5
Pros: Powerful/Good Suction, Lightweight, Easy To Empty, Cleans under beds, Efficient, Easy to Use
Cons: Docking Problem On Carpet, Short Power Cord
Best Uses: Carpet, Human hair, Pet Hair
Describe Yourself: Frequent User
Primary use: Personal
I suffer from allergies and the Roobma870 helps me breathe easier because it picks up the dog fur in places I can't get to every day like under the bed. It also gets dust and dander. Another thing I love is it gets close to walls unlike my expensive upright vacuum. It required emptying frequently the first few times I used it but once it got the rugs cleaned, I use it to maintain the 'fur free' zones and can do a room or more without it requiring to be emptied. The only problem I have is the docking station. I wish it was designed differently because when it is placed on my carpet, it is too light and doesn't sit in the pile so more often than not the Roomba can't dock. The other problem with it, the cord is too short. I don't have a lot of outlets and those I do are not a good 'docking site' because of furniture being in the way yet I can't move the station to a wall because the cord is too short. Other than that, I am so happy I was offered a coupon to buy it at a discount for being a BzzAgent, it is worth every penny!
Here's how I clean under my bed
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  1. I am sooooooo jealous Sue! I have seen the Rumba work at a friends home and I agree, it is a great help for anyone with allergies. It's been on my list for about 5 years. I think Santa has been waiting for all the upgrades over the years. Enjoy.

    1. Some people where Jerry works bought one when it first came out and they hate it. They said it didn't work good. I have the 870 and it is not the newest one but I love it and it works great. Save them pennies because I bet the newer one is even better!


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