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Monday, February 23, 2015

Nominated to share my projects by Teresa Godines - Day 3 and give-a-way

I have been busy lately sewing. I want to share what I made last night. I found this cute pattern and tutorial on making a baby hat here at Zaaberry. It is super easy to make and I wanted to make the knotted one too but thought I would wait until Dayton is born before I make more hats since every time I bought newborn hats for the babies, they never fit. They were always way too big. I am using the same material for the baby blanket but I just haven't decided if I want the baby blanket as a baby blanket or if I should make it into a canopy for the car seat. I may do both since I have bought plenty of material but time is short. Can you guess how long I have to make the blanket and/or car seat cover? The first person to be the lucky guesser will receive a mystery prize.


  1. The hat looks great. I'm guessing you have 8 days.

  2. My guess it 3 days....Love the project!

  3. Fabulous inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing.


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