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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tutorial for Making your own View Page

If you do not know what a View Page is then see the posts below for the Red Hatters Blog Hop and look at the picture in the camera. Notice it changing in each picture. There are 4 pictures on that page. I call it a view page as I have taken the idea off of "View Masters" which we had as kids.
Once you get this down pat I know it can be applied to a card. How great that would be! I am however going to show you on a single page 12x12 layout since it is big and easier to show you how to do it. So lets get going....

You will need 2 sheets of whatever background cardstock/paper 12x12, one will be your background paper and one will become your photo wheel and a 12x12 sheet of any color scrap paper to cut your templates out of so don’t use good paper for this one. You will also need the cartridge George and Basic Shapes. It can be done without it but it just makes life easier to let your Cricut do the work.

1. Load your sheet of background cardstock into your Cricut and use George and Basic Shapes cartridge cut a 8” circle. Find the center if your circle and mark with a dot and pierce a hole through. (Your brad will eventually go into this hole).
2. Load your scrap paper into your Cricut and make a 7” circle, again find center and mark it and pierce a hole. Also make a 1” square and put to the side.
3. Put the 7” circle on the 8” circle and line up the center points which means the 7” circle is now centered on the 8”. With a light pencil trace the 7”circle onto the 8”.

I used a white paper and it blended with the background so I colored my 8" circle in black so you can see.
Just put your 7" circle centered on your 8" circle and trace around it.

 4. Now take your 7” circle and fold it in half and again draw the line lightly to the 7” mark (the inner circle).
5. Move your paper (7” circle) a quarter of a turn so that you can use the edge to again draw a line which will make the circle 4 equal parts. 
 6.. Take your 1” square and find center point and line up with your 8” circle. Turn the square so each corner is on one of the lines you drew. Draw around the square. 

7. Now fold your 7” circle in half again so now it should look like a slice of pie. 

8. Line your cone (7” folded circle) up with one of the spots on your 8” circle. Make sure you have the point lined up with the center point. You now covered that part of the square you just drew. Draw the missing line on your cone then cut on that line. (You are cutting the point off of your cone on the line you just drew.)

9. Unfold your cone and cut on the fold marks to cut one piece out. This is your template for your photos. If you have some sort of clear sheet of plastic you may want to trace this onto it so you can see the line up of your photos better. 

10. Now you will have to decide what pictures you are using and what you are using to view your image. Last time I used a camera, this time I think I will use a frame off of the Sentimentals cartridge.
11. Cut your image so that the cut out part (the part you see through to the photos) will fit onto the photo template without hanging over. 
If your center of whatever image you choose to do doesn't fit on your template, you need to cut a smaller image so it does.
12. Determine where you want your viewer but remember this has a bearing on how you need to cut your pictures so you want to be sure before you start cutting.. Remember the wheel has to fit behind the page with no overhang so the best way is to take your wheel and put your “viewer” on one of the photo sections and move that around your paper until you find a spot, this way you will see if your wheel is to close to the edge or not. 
13. Once you find where you want it take the center cut of your “viewer” and trace around and cut out. 

14. Using your photo template cut your photos and glue to your circle….keep in mind the orientation of each, nothing worse than getting done with it and find that once you move the wheel, the next photo is upside down

14a. Now that you know which way your viewer is and which way the photos need to be cut place your center back on your template and cut out. Make sure you have it positioned the way your viewer is going to be. The way I have mine set up I need it this way.

Now cut it out. Don't be fussy as it is a template, just cut from the side and cut the oval out. Then place on each of your pictures so the image is in the center of it. Draw around this template onto your pictures. I did mine green so you can see it. Now cut your pictures on the lines you just drew.

14.b. Position the curved side of each picture with the curve of your 7" line in your wheel. Now your pictures will be in line with your viewer window.

15. Put your wheel behind your paper and make sure they line up your photos with the hole in the paper (viewer). Once you are happy with the position of it pierce the center mark on the wheel through the paper. Put a brad through the paper and wheel loose enough so you can easily turn the wheel.
16. Check and make sure you can see all the photos in the view window as you want to make sure your wheel didn't shift as you pierced and put your brad in. (You can glue the whatever viewer you are using now if you want).
17. Turn paper over and decide where you want the wheel to come through the paper….bottom or side. Take a ruler and lift the wheel slightly just to get the ruler under it. This is going to be your slit for the wheel to come through so you want the ruler to be in enough so the wheel can come through and have enough showing so you can turn it from the right side of the paper but not so much that you see the pictures on the wheel. I would estimate about half an inch in and draw your line a little past the end of the wheel so it doesn’t bind and is easy to turn. Now do it again next to the line you just drew so you’re cutting a little gap in the paper vs. a slit.

Note: Depending on where you want your viewer determines where your slit will be. I need mine on the left but you may need yours on the top, bottom, or left. 

18. Take your wheel off and cut your gap. Put your wheel back on and bend the paper to allow the wheel to go through your gap. 
 Notice the small gap vs. just a slice in the paper.

19. If you haven’t done so, glue the rest of your viewer on the page and decorate as desired. 

This isn't finished but for sake of the tutorial here is my page. Puts a new meaning in family portrait don't you think? 

 If you have any questions please ask. Just because it is clear to me what I wrote doesn't mean it is to you.

If you do try this, please let me know as I would love to see what you have come up with.


  1. I love it!!! I can so totally see that technique on a card. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. I think your blog is totally awesome design or no design and I'd love to award you the Stylish Blog Award! Style is more than graphics, content is king right? Please refer to my post at: to get your award image and for instructions on how to post it and pass it along. Congrats!

  3. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I love this idea and I'm off to try it right now. I think it would work great in a mini album.


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