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Friday, February 25, 2011

Question of the Day

The Question of the day in one of my groups was asking if when I grew up were pets part of my family. My answer to this is a big "YES". I always had a fur baby ...well, sometimes some didn't have fur. I did have snakes, turtles, plenty of birds, and different lizards but there was always something as part of the family.

The second part of the question was if I had any now and what kind as well as to share the photos. So let me take the time to introduce you all to part of my family. Keep in mind they are all spayed or neutered.

Meet Rosie..... a female 10 yrs. old Pomeranian.

....and Buster.......a male 6 yrs. old Pomeranian.

.....and meet Hiccup (AKA: Sheila)......female 2yrs. old Shih Tzu.
I love this picture of her but you really can't see her much so I will add the one below.
Now meet my scrap room helpers who adopted me (which is a whole other story) 
Mamma....female 2yrs.

....and Kit Kit (AKA: Brat Cat)......female less than a yr. old and a kitten of Mamma and Poppa.

I also have 2 outdoor feral cats....
Poppa ...male 2 yrs. father of Kit Kit.

and Blackie..............female 2 yrs. old but I do not have a picture of her...she is camera shy.
Note: Picture added 11/1/13, Blackie is 4 yrs. old now.

On a side note, Mamma and Poppa had 6 kittens in total I had 3 of the 6 but found homes for...

Fluffy (AKA: Autumn)

and Butterscotch

I hope you enjoyed meeting my family.


  1. What a wonderful fur family!

    Kim B

  2. They are so cute, Sue! Thanks for sharing them with us! hugs deanne

  3. Hi Sue! I love the pictures of the cats. I have 3 myself. I really think they are better behaved them my children. :) I am passing an award on to you! I hope you wish to except it. Stop by my blog to pick it up!


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