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Saturday, February 19, 2011

No pictures, No excuse

In one of my yahoo groups someone asked if any one did layouts with no pictures. I did several. I will not let  important days/events slip by my scrapbook just because I don't have a picture. Some of these I even did before I had my Cricut. You can still do a layout without pictures. Here are examples of mine. I realize you won't be able to read the journal.

So you know what you are looking at, the computer has yahoo personals on the screen which is were I first met my now husband. The comment he made to me was about going to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. Eventually I gave him my phone number (on the phone below) and my address which he wrote down with directions for our first date. He wrote them down on the back of an old bank envelope which I also put on the page. He carried it in his wallet for over a year.

Our first date was to a flea market and a circus in New York. What happened is they were far apart so one day we went to the circus and the poor guy was so tired he fell asleep sitting on the bench. How he didn't fall I will never know. We drove what seemed like forever to where the flea market was. We got there about 3 hours early so we figured we would catch a nap in the car. Well, all was fine except for that odd whistle that wouldn't stop so I couldn't sleep which turned out to be an owl. Only way we made it home was to stop and rest at IHOP.

Shortly after we started dating he had to go away for 12 days. He is a tour bus driver and took the job before we ever met. I didn't want to go 12 days without seeing him so what ended up happening is he gave me his then brand new car and I would drive up to where he was when he was near. The first time I went to RI for the day but the second time I was able to spend the night with the group and we all stayed in the Publick House. (Now, I don't know if any of you ever stayed there but that place gave me nightmares....seriously. It proves that the color and/or decor of a room effects you and when they are busy or wrong color....things get bad in your sleep.)
 While I was there in MA with him it was his birthday. So while he was busy with the group I went into town to find a scrapbook store which I did not far from Old Sturbridge Village to make him a birthday card but ended up with a page instead.

Well, one date led to another and another and eventually we were married.

My son-in-law's shop picnic was at Six Flags. We all went and it happened to be Grandparent's Day. There was great food and of course the day was fantastic watching all the Grandchildren on the rides having a grand time.

So there is my pages that have no pictures. They still tell the story and when I do flip through my book and see them, I still remember that day with a smile. Although there are no pictures, there don't have to be. Between the stickers, other items and journal it tells the story and completes the memories just as well as if I had pictures on it.


  1. Thanks first of all for dropping by..I am so flatterned with your words. Will work harder to create more beautiful cards..
    And I am surprised that you won a number of Candies among hundreds..and you deserved so well!!

  2. Wow these layouts were just beautiful and I think that was a smart idea to scrap your memories even without the photos. Great job!!

  3. Sue, you do such lovely work! You inspire me!


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