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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shirt Card for the Man in Your Life

Here is the shirt card I made for Father's Day. This is a mini card but you can enlarge it to meet your needs as long as the same amount is added to each measurement. You may want to be more careful to fold your collar evenly as I did this quick and as you can see, it is not even but I am sure you get the ideal.

 I started with a 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" paper. (Remember this is for the mini and measure 2 3/4" x 3 3/4" done so you enlarge to suit your needs.)

The center would be 2 1/4" (on the 4 1/2" side) so gate fold to that point. Then turn the top back about 1/4" or so and fold (This will become your collar).
 At the bottom fold out your paper making long sided triangles and be sure they are even on both sides. You are folding these to get the longest possible flap since these will become your sleeves. It is really hard to explain but it will make sense once you see it. The photo did not show good as everything is white so I drew in where the fold and bottom are so you can see it. There is a way to cut the paper and fold to make cuffs on the sleeves if you wish.
Now bring your top corners into the center point to make the collar. Make sure they meet right at center and are even. Keep in mind this is the collar and so you don't want to make tight triangles or the neck part won't look right.
 Now bring the bottom up and tuck under the collar to hold it. Fold and decorate the front with a tie, buttons, pocket or what ever you think of. Add a white paper and a stamp to the inside for your sentiments.

My only suggestion is to do a few small ones for practice. Get use to the folding and how it works then have fun. If you have any questions or something don't make sense to you feel free to shoot me an email. Have a wonderful Memorial Day (and don't forget the reason for it).


  1. Now this is design at it's best... Great job


  2. Great card Sue. Wow this looks like it takes lots of patience not something I have a lot of right now. Love it.

  3. Sue this card is awesome!!! And so perfect for Father's Day!!!! I hope you're feeling better!!!

  4. I like making these too, usually use the shirt as a topper. but maybe will try making it larger and using it as the actual card.
    Also have seen them made out of dollars to add as toppers to cards, a neat way to send some cash.

    Also hope you are feeling better. ending hugs

  5. OMGoodness I love it :) it is so cute!

  6. Great card Sue, Ive been going to design one of these just never got around to it.

  7. I have also used magazine pictures, envelope insides are another interesting source for papers for shirts too.

  8. Thank you for the tutorial! :)

  9. Thank you for this picture tutorial. I have seen a video of this card but I was confused....your tutorial helped me a lot...... Thank you.

  10. Thank you for this card and tutorial!!! This is just perfect for a Father Day Card!!


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