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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heritage Album/Death

A problem for most is what to do with those pictures of funerals of a loved one. How do you put the death of an ancestor or any one for that matter in a layout that will show respect and dignity. I am posting how I did my two page layouts of my grandfather (my grandmother's is much the same as my grandfathers so I won't post it) and my mother (this was just a memorial service as she was cremated per her wishes). I did block out the "personal" details in the death certificates and of course the body as some may find it disturbing. 

We lived at the hospital for a week before "the plug was pulled". We were all there when she passed as one of my mother's fears was to die alone. We were not going to let that happen.

 Some days after my mother passed my daughter wrote me a poem in an email. I wrote her one back in an answer to what she wrote. The "MOM" in this first poem refers to me. They capture the memories of my mother so well that I also included these.
You need to know is my mom's favorite time of year was fall when all the tree's change color (background paper), she loved nature (plants, trees, animals) and her favorite thing to do on weekends is to go to tag sales for this to make some sense.
(Ignore the size difference and the crookedness of the second page...this is due to the way I scanned, cropped and stitched it together. I assure you they are straight and the same size in the book.)  

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