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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Another year as a Fiskateer and I am loving it. Below is the Fiskateers Way and keeping with that way it is the best time to ask you to consider joining the Fiskateers. Why? Do you like looking at other people's work for inspiration or just to see what everyone is doing? Do you like a community where you can chat when you want? Do you like joining swaps? Do you like receiving RAKs? Do you like hops and games? Like winning prizes? Would you like to learn other things to use your Fiskars product for? How about learning a new technique? And don't think we all use only Fiskars products exclusively. Most of the rules are that you only need to use ONE Fiskars product to enter your layout/card or to enter the blog hop/challenge. Don't have one? Don't will win one in no time at all and I know you will love some of the Fiskars products and will use them as part of your normal crafting supplies.
So does it all sound good? Sound like something you would be interested in?There is more...much more. For example we are having a party in each state just for Fiskateers. CT is having it on Oct. 15th which happens to be my I can't wait until my birthday...LOL. We just finished the Lift-off Challenge which was a weekend of challenges put on by the Card Lifters and Liftateers where you do the challenge and are entered to win prizes. With something like 30+ challenges, I am sure you would have found a few that interested you. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, just ask me how to join and you too will be taking the oath of the Fiskateers Way!

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  1. That was interesting Sue. I am really impressed with Fiskateers myself. I just joined about a month ago, and had no idea that they would be sending me my very own Fiskateer scissors with my number on them. Love it!

    Smiles Sher


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