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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday Cards Are Up

Finally I got the birthday cards up that we received from the Fiskateers and others for our birthdays. My DH, Jerry's was Oct. 11 and mine was the 15th. These are so beautiful that I will be scrapping them. I did not take pictures of the insides or of everything that was in them as many people put a length of ribbon, a tag, or some other goodie.(What a great idea, I haven't done that but will be trying to add goodies to the ones I send out to scrapbooking/Fiskateer friends from now on. I thank you all for them.

My DH found out what a waterfall card was. He thought it was the neatest thing. (Ok, so he is simple to please...LOL). He would brag to any one who listened how this was the most cards he ever received in his life. He loves them all as I do.

(They are in the slide show posted to the right.) Thank you all again for making our birthday so special.

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  1. Gorgeous cards for the birthdays! Thanks for sharing!


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