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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Needed A Quick Birthday Card

Ever in need of a quick card? As many as I make I still don't have enough or at least a nice one for who I need it for. I once again found myself needing one for a female and seem to have only manly ones on hand so I made this one from the left over paper I just used for a layout. I am on a scrap kick lately and I am trying to use my scrap paper. I thought this one was so light and pretty it would be nice a spring-like as well as a nice background for this fairy. It is another Sweet Pea Stamp colored with Copics. I must admit, I am lost to what color a snail is but I figure in a world where there are fairies, snails can be any color.


  1. Gorgeous card Sue! I love Sweet Pea stamps :) Funny that you say you have mostly manly cards - I have 1 of those I think compared to all the girlie cards I have! But I am still always needing a card at the last minute - must just be the way of things!

    1. Becky,
      Isn't that always the way. I have the manly cards because when I needed them, I didn't have any....not a one. I made a few and have never needed them yet. I do send lots of female cards out, about five a month (if not more) so I tend to go through them fast.


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