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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Met Natalie Metivier last night

Natalie Metivier owner and creative designer of Magenta Stamps came to Treasured Moments (a scrapbook store in Watertown, CT) and we had dinner and made three cards. It was so wonderful to meet her and her husband Philippe. They are such fun loving people and funny. It was interesting to hear how Megenta Stamps started.
Dinner was delicious, we had some sort of french chicken which I can't even say let alone spell but it was very good as was the lasagna. Can't forget about that awesome chocolate cake for dessert either. There was plenty of salad, rolls, some sort of potato dish and steamed broccoli. Everything was fantastic.
Any ways here are some scenes from last night.

Natalie Metivier

Natalie and Philippe

This is bad but I can't remember if this is the Mayor or who he is (I don't live in Watertown) but he is some sort of political figure in Watertown and he stayed and even did some cards. 

Wall of some of her stamps

and now what everyone wants to see....some of her cards

Now I know some have asked to see the three cards we did but I do not have a scanner at the moment (I hated that thing for some time now and it must have known it as it finally went to the point I can't even print any more, nothing works) and my camera is being charged. I should have taken the pictures of them when I did my challenge photos for Fiskateers but completely forgot to take them. I will take them and add them here tomorrow some time so check back tomorrow night.

UPDATE: Here are the 3 cards we did. Sorry about the blurry pictures of the booklet one. I tried to focus on one thing and ended up with a blurry image. I will learn this camera someday.

Card 1 is done with watercolors and distressed ink. 

Card 2 is done with distressed markers and ink.

Card 3 is really a booklet type that closes with a ribbon.
The front when closed.

Front side when opened

back side when opened

The back side when closed

Again, I am sorry for the blurry pictures. The booklet used several different techniques. Did you notice that the ribbon actually goes behind the vase on the backside when close? I thought that was a really neat technique.

And now for my new three stamps. 

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  1. Wow amazing stamps and cards thanks for sharing!


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