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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12

Hurricane Sandy is approaching and although she is still out over the ocean the conditions here are not good. I can't believe they raised the wind speeds overnight, usually they lower them whether it is a snow storm or rain storm. I go to bed and the news will say something like 4" of rain and when I wake up they say 2" of rain. Not this time, it went up and not the rain but the wind. I went to bed with the news saying to expect 80mph wind speeds and I wake up to them saying to expect 90 mph wind speed later on tonight.  There are already over 2,000 without power and as I said, the hurricane isn't even here yet.

You know what is odd about this storm? The timing of it. If you remember last year at this time we had another storm and lost power. (That is why I have a generator now, not going through that with no generator). One year ago, to the day, we had Storm Albert which crippled the state for days and we were without power for a few days. This year we have Sandy. Well, at least they can't say the east coast is guilty of sexual discrimination when it comes to our storms! LOL

I just pray everyone up and down the coast stays safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as we go through this and I hope to see you at the other end. It will be a rough few days but we can do it...just stay safe.

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