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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Request From Sandy Hook, CT

We are the teachers who grew up in Newtown and we are asking you to lend a hand.

All teachers know that the first thing a child must have in order to learn is a sense of safety and security.  On December 14th the students, teachers, staff and families of Sandy Hook school had their sense of security shattered.  In the next few days and weeks Sandy Hook students and staff will be settling in to a school building in Monroe, CT.  We're asking you to help restore their sense of security by asking your students to lend a hand.

Here's how...

1.  Gather up some regular old computer paper or card stock in either white or light green and some finger paint.
2.  Let each of your students put their hand print on a sheet and decorate it however they wish.
3.  Ask each student to add their name, city or town and school.
4.  Collect all the handprint pages and send them to the address below.
5.  Once the helping hands are collected our team of volunteers will string them together and hang them in the halls of the new school facility pending district approval.
6.  A poster explaining our mission will be hung unobtrusively at the entrance to the school also pending district approval.

The message will be simple:  You are not alone.  Your are loved.  You are safe.

Please join us!
If you live near Newtown just leave a message in the blog and we'll pick up your helping hands.
If you're far, please mail your helping hands.

Helping Hands
c/o L. Mazzariello
69 Osborne Hill Rd.
Sandy Hook, CT


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