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Monday, March 4, 2013

Fiskateers Circle Challenge

I entered the Fiskateer Shape  Challenge: Circles by making some animals. I found the sheets of what you can make with circles at SplitcoastStampers  (I think the person who posted it was memory_lane) some time ago and had it on my Pinterest Board for awhile and now I finally put it to use. I think they came out cute but what I need is a 3/4" round punch. I have big circles and tiny ones but I really need this size so I can make a face that isn't as big as the body. I tried to cut a circle by hand (look at the frog's eyes) but it didn't work. It came out not exactly what I would call a circle and it is lopsided plus has some flat spots. I really have to find a punch.

Any ways, the reason I am making these embellishments is because Damien (my grandson, 7 mo. old) has this toy that plays Old McDonalds Farm song. Depending on what key you press or what animal you touch it does different things. If you touch the dog then it plays Bingo. If you touch the duck it tells you, "The Ducks are swimming in the pond." I am sure you get the idea. So I want to do a page of this since it is his favorite toy and he plays so much with it when he is here that it is stuck in my head and I go around singing the songs or telling my husband that the ducks are swimming in the pond.

So, here they are! The first three. I will be doing more when I get that punch. 

Just a note: I am going to put the pig in a mud puddle so that is why he has no legs. 

1 comment:

  1. Those are adorable. I could have used them a month ago when I was in a swap doing punch art.
    Great job on them. Hope the pig enjoys the mud.


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