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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August is coming to an end...

I haven't been posting a lot since I really don't have that much to post. Oh, I haven't just curled up and died by any means but I haven't been scrapbooking or quilting recently. I had a few medical problems that made sure of that. I still garden and have gotten into canning and cheese making. I don't can everything like homesteaders have to do but just a few things here and there. For example, two years ago I canned sliced peaches so while there were no peaches available to buy last year due to the weather, we were still eating peaches. This year I canned some so if next year we have none, I will (if we don't eat them all first) have some. I also made peach jam from the peels. I haven't a clue what to eat it on but it certainly taste like peaches. Next time I make it though, I will add less sugar because to me it is too sweet.

Apples are about to come to season (if they aren't already). I will be buying them and making applesauce. I know it is always available in the store but have you read the label? I like my applesauce to contain apples and spices not things I can't even pronounce.

I am having a real hard time with my knees again. Back in June I couldn't even walk but I am doing much better now. I can walk although they hurt 24/7 I keep walking so they don't lock up or whatever so I can't walk again. I took up playing Pokemon Go to give me something to do while I walk. Now I am really getting into the game since the Legendary Birds came out. I can't wait for Mewtwo. I hope I am invited to a raid.

I can't believe my little Damien (grandson) started kindergarten yesterday. Time is really flying!

As summer comes to an end (I wish it could stay summer always) and the days are shorter, I know my beautiful hummingbirds will be leaving for the winter. Just yesterday I had my coffee on the deck and can already hear and feel the change. During the summer it sounds like a rainforest out there, all kinds of different birds and sounds but now not so much. This is always a sad time. I know the other seasons bring other 'beauty' with them but I wish summer could just stay longer.

Other than that, there really isn't much new in my life. Just enjoying being Grandma, Mom, and Wife and doing my walking and playing Pokemon.

 Butterfly in my herb garden.


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