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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fried Computer = No New Posts

We had some thunderstorms move in this evening (of course, I had to go food shopping or we weren't going to eat until I did) and I was home for most of them as my dog hates them and tends to get sick if left alone but it was getting late and for the most part I figured most of them passed already so out I went. I went to Walmarts which is all of about a mile from me. I had to get shampoo, toilet paper, and what did that take, maybe 5 minutes to get there and 5 minutes in the store. Before I got to the checkout line we heard a big crash of thunder and the lights went out. They came on quickly but when I came home and went to turn on the computer....ut oh. It won't go on....all it does is light up on the tower as if it were coming on and shuts right off again. It just repeats the cycle over and over ....a quick power light and off again, on again and off again....
The desktop is where all my programs are as far as pictures and the one set up with the printer and scanner and of course my Photo Shop Elements (my laptop don't have the memory or abilibty for me to use all these on it) so to make a long story short....I will be shopping for a new desktop but until then, my posts will be limited. Hopefully I can find a new one within my budget quicklly so keep your fingers crossed for me. Until then.....


  1. Hope it you find a new one soon...I have an award for you!
    What a bummer but we will be waiting here when you can get back up and running. Good Luck in your search

  2. Oh no! :*( I hope that it miraculously wakes up for you! Probably not, but I hope you get a new one soon.


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