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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Thing of Beauty Award

I was given this award by Anniebee of Anniebee's Craft Room. If this sounds familiar to you it is because she was one of the participants in Jillian's Birthday Blog Hop. It was a huge surprise to me. Thank you Anniebee!

For this award I am suppose to tell you 5 things about myself (I assume they mean that most people don't know) and then pass it on to 5 deserving bloggers. So here I go:

1. I have a problem with my heart. Well, my heart is normal and don't leak but beats way to fast and quivers sometimes which is when it usually throws clots that are in my legs. (Thanks goodness not lungs or brain). There are days when things are ok and days where I wonder if it will be my last because I can feel it when my heart is not beating correctly. So this is an ongoing battle and truthfully, very scary.
2. My son knew my husband's daughter before he was my husband and when he was married to his first wife. We were never introduced nor did I even know about any of them. After his first wife passed away I met  my husband on-line and on our first date he told me we would be getting married (I thought he was nuts). Last year, my son married his she is my step-daughter and daughter-in-law.
3. I have a sleeping problem and fibromyalgia which I personally think is just a catch all condition they tell you that you have when they don't have a clue what you really have.
4. I have property in North Carolina 3+ acres of farmland and our dream is to sell this house and build there to live. Problem is we need to sell this house first and can't sell it for what the market says it is worth now and still aford to build there. We need the housing market to get back up where it was (or at least close) before the crash.
5. I was in the Army during Desert Storm. (I served state-side) and both my brothers were also in the Army (different times and they went out of country). My son just got out of the Army (also served state-side), my granddaughter is in the Sea Cadets so that means every generation in my family has served in some aspect in the military since as far back as I could trace them (1600s) when they came to the US from England. Something I found interesting is that there were two brothers, one served with the North and one served with the South during the Civil War.

I know, not that interesting but I couldn't really think of 5 things most people didn't know. I didn't think any one knew all that (like any one would want to....LOL). So on to the 5 people I am giving this to...

1. Ivonne of Daily Dose of Beauty.
2. Rexann of IBeCircled.
3. Holley of Holley's Blog.
4. Penny Duncan of Penny Duncan Creations
5. Margret of I Love Crafting.

Congratulations to you five.


  1. so, yeah, i got bombarded with awards... and i'm giving you all of them. LOL. go to my blog to collect!

  2. Thank you SO much sweetie for the beautiful blog award!!!! I truly enjoyed reading that about you!!! I thought it was very interesting...that SUCKS about your computer....I hope they are able to fix it for you!!!!!!

  3. Hi Sue, I wanted you to know that you have won the Cricut Cartridge Give a Hoot, or if you have that one, let me know, I have a couple others. I am so sorry It took so long to let you know, my computer was broken, and now that I have it back, I can't post on my blog. I have no idea how to fix it, but I can comment on it, so I left a comment, that you won, but t you probably wouldn't have seen it, so I am letting you know. Congratulations, Karen Please email me, or leave me a comment, so I know that you saw this, and email me your address so I can get your candy out to you!! Thanks, Karen

  4. Thank you sue for the blog candy! I received it and posted my project on my blog. :)


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