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Friday, April 26, 2013

Tim Holtz Classes in CT - WIP

I had the most wonderful time learning about the products and how to use them and the added bonus is that it was by Tim. He is one wonderful teacher with a great sense of humor.

I learned a lot and so now that I came home with my projects started and with the knowledge of how to go about finishing them. I decided to work on the configuration box first.

Mission: take this....

Use this.... 
(Yeah, maybe I did go shopping a little too much)

and use this...

and anything else you can think of and make that box special.
Here it is as a WIP (work in progress)

That tag book on the top goes inside when it is done. 
This is only the first round of colors so don't think the cover is staying that way, it isn't.
The only thing staying the same is the Joy plague and the knob.


  1. Maybe just a little too much shopping-- can't wait to see the finished project!

    1. Thanks Kellystar!

      I work a little bit on it each night. I should be finishing the box part soon (within the next few days) and I will be sure to post a picture.


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