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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Amdro Powerflex Pest and Weed System

I got the Amdro Powerflex Pest and Weed System the other day. I guess I should explain that I am a BuzzAgent and I get invited by companies to test their products and write a review so I did get this for free. Anyways, it came but it isn't something I am willing to do with a baby in my arms so it had to wait until the weekend which by that time I have a nice case of poison ivy. So of course this weekend it is suppose to rain. I can't complain because we really need it but I have a feeling the weeds will flourish (and the poison ivy) so this is really going to put this Weed System to the test.

I love how simple it is to use. It has cartridges for the different jobs it does and it is a whole lot easier than them messy guns with the concentrated formulas you need to put in first.

Here are the before pictures of my yard but these were taken a couple of weeks ago. It is worse now and  I will be updating the pictures soon.

This is the good side but notice all that crabgrass mixed in? This was treated last year but not with Amdro.

This is the partial view of the back yard. The grass isn't full and more like weeds and crabgrass.

Here is a closer look at the grass or lack of. (Ignore the bucket). 

And this is my garden. Yeah, it takes a lot of imagination to see it but it is really. And this is after I pulled up all the vines and the poison ivy. Ignore the wood, my son (at top) is working on the driveway and pulled them rotting wooden boards or whatever they are called out and threw them down here so we don't have to look at them in front of the house until we go to the dump. 

So here are my before photos, check back to see the progress.


Seems everyday I could work outside it was either raining or too hot but I did manage to snap a couple of photos between storms. I am slowly but surely getting rid of the poison ivy and other weeds.

Here is a picture of some weeds just 24 hours after spraying them.

...and this is what the backyard looks like now. I still have lots of work to do but I do see progress!

As far as pests go, they are no match! Here is the before spraying photo...

These hang out by the light which is by the door and every time I let the dogs in or out, I get a house full of them but no more! Here is the photo after...
(I forgot to change my camera setting so that is why the house looks a different color.)


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