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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fiskafriends - The Power of Community Blog Hop - Day 3

This hop is open to everyone! International visitors are included for a chance of winning the Grand Prize!

Welcome! If you came from Jean Bullock's blog then you are in the right place. 
If not, please go to the beginning at the Fiskafriends Blog.

March 27th-29th, we are celebrating our First Anniversary with a Fiskafriend Blog Hop. You do not have to be a Fiskafriend to visit and comment on our bloggers' posts. In addition to the Grand Prize, some of the blogs are offering prizes too but be sure to read each blog's rules and requirements as some may not provide international mailing.

It is the final day of the hop and I sure thought it was a fun hop. I loved all the projects the other bloggers did, they did such a great job. It wouldn't be a hop without hoppers so 'Thank You' all for being part of the hop....and a special "Thank you" to Jean Bullock for your hard work to put this hop together.

Day 3

I am not sure how many of you scrolled down to check some of the other posts on my blog but a month ago I offered a prize for anyone who guessed how long I had to get my blanket done before my grandson was born. Turns out no one guessed "1 day" but only 3 people answered by the time he was born so I told them all they will celebrate with me and I will sent them a prize. All three of them happen to be Fiskateers. (I bet they think I forgot). I wanted something special and personal so this is what I came up with. 

(I know the lighting is off but the ribbon does have a greenish color....have to have green & orange.)

Nancy, Jean, and Tona, these are for you!

These dish towels took me forever to make! I saw the tutorial and downloaded the pattern from  Kleiosbelly. I figured it only took her a little while to make one in no time flat so I figured I can make three in a couple of hours, right? Wrong! Whatever could go wrong, went wrong...

1. To embroider on towels, you can't hoop them (or risk breaking your hoop) so you need to hoop the stabilizer and glue the towel to the to the store for some quilting glue.
2. If you embroider on something like terrycloth you need to put a water soluble stabilizer on the front of it so the stitches don't sink in.......back to the store for water soluble stabilizer. 
3. When embroidering and using orange, make sure you have the correct orange thread to match....back to the store.
4. When choosing a button for your project when you are a beginner, pick a button that fits in the button foot.....tore the house apart looking for suitable buttons that fit.  

Oh yeah, these are not perfect by no means but those imperfections just make them unique. (At least that is what I tell myself.) But alas our hop is done and so are my towels so off they go into the mail.

Speaking of things to mail...

What's a blog hop without a blog prize? I have a Your Story Photo that I will be giving away. (US Only but those international skip to "*"). You may be wondering what is it. The best way to explain it is just have you watch this on YouTube. (I don't know her but she shows what it is and how to use it the best.)

*Just leave one comment on this post including International Visitors so you go into the drawing for the Grand Prize which is open Internationally. Those of you in the US, your comment will enter you in my giveaway drawing automatically. (You do not have to follow my blog but I would love it if you did.)

How it works:

I will be closing comments for my give-a-way tomorrow at 9:00PM EST and use 'Randy' (Random Generator) to pull one name from today's comments. I will add that to the other two names I have from the prior two days and again Randy will pick one of you as the Final Winner. I will announce the winner by midnight tomorrow. Remember, you will have three days to claim your prize once the hop ends. I will try and contact you if I can otherwise please check back by Thursday to see if you are the winner. (If left unclaimed, on Friday I will pick a new winner.) Good Luck to all!

*I am not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen prizes. I mail at the PO and will have proof of mailing it to you. However, whatever happens from that point is beyond my control.

Remember, if you would like to be eligible for the sponsor giveaway (Grand Prize) start at the Fiskafriends blog, follow the instructions there but be sure to leave one comment on this post. At the end of the hop I will use "Randy" to choose a name (international hoppers are included too) and turn it in. For details on how they pick the winners from the names all the blogs turn in, please see the Fiskafriends Blog for their details. 

Everyone (International visitors also), did you comment on the first and second day's post (Day 1 & 2)? If you did, do not comment again. If you didn't, although the comments are closed for my individual prize for that day, scroll down and leave one comment so you will be entered in for the Grand Prize. 

Thanks for hopping by but now it is time for you to hop on over to another wonderful Fiskafriend, Cindy deRosier, #4113.

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  1. I love the towels. I will treasure mine! Thanks so much, Sue!

  2. AWESOME Blog H O P !!!
    THANKS for the Chance to WIN!!! ;)

  3. These are so awesome. What a great idea. The ladies I know are going to love them.

  4. These are wonderful & thank you

  5. Aww, man! I wish I'd commented on the grandson guessing. I remember reading the post, but it must have been on my phone or some other time that makes commenting hard. Congrats to all three LUCKY Fiskafriends. Those towels are AWESOME! I haven't done a lot of embroidery and am not sure how a towel would break a hoop, but I'll take your word for it.

  6. The towels are fabulous.Very nice idea. Congrats to all the winners and thanks for the fun hop.

  7. AWESOME! THANKS, will display it with pride!

  8. awesome towels - congrats ladies- I looked at this page around 9 before I headed off to bed but it was still on day 2 and wondered what would be here - cool stuff!!!

  9. SORRY that I'm late visiting your last project Sue - your towels look FABULOUS!!!
    SO SORRY to hear about the challenges you faced but look on they bright side, they're great and when you go to embroidery towels or terry cloth again, it will be a breeze :)


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