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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nominated to share my projects by Teresa Godines - Day 5

I figured as my last #artChain project I would make something from paper. On facebook someone shared a beautiful white hummingbird that was made from paper. It was amazing and it looked so delicate, almost like it was made from some sort of tissue paper or velum. I never found the write-up so I don't know what it was made of other than 'paper'. I looked around and although I never found how to make the white one I did find a realistic colored one out of paper by Johan Scherft. Not only did he show how to put it together, he gave the pattern for it. So I figured I'd give it a try and here is what I learned.

People make things look so easy when they do them on YouTube but they are not!

When Johan suggested starting with the bigger hummingbird instead of the life-size one, I should have listened. (He gives two sizes, one slightly larger than life-size).

When Johan said what weight paper to use, I should have waited until I could get out and get some.

When Johan said use a 'good' glue, I thought I was but obviously I should have 'tested' the glue with the paper I was using that I had printed something on to check for 'smears' first.

When Johan said to be sure to get the beak at the correct angle, I shouldn't have fallen asleep but kept checking to be sure the beak didn't move while the glue was setting/drying.

But...I won't let it get me down. The pieces are so tiny, I had to use tweezers and a sewing needle to glue the piece. I still didn't get them perfect but for a first try, it was good. I used 65 lb paper and it isn't right, I believe he uses 85. When I tried gluing the pieces, where the glue got on the 'printed' side, it either made the paper peal from me touching it so the print was gone and the smooth paper is now rough or it just pulled the color off. So I ended up painting my hummingbird with H2Os so I could capture some of that shimmer real hummingbirds have. I also used Copics for detail (under the H2Os) and I used Liquid Glass for the eyes. (I really love the way the eyes came out.)

FYI. It took me 12 hours to do this one bird.

I hope you enjoy my final project.


  1. Sue, this is just too awe-inspiring, love it so much.

  2. Thanks Nancy! It took a really long time but I for a first try (and using/doing so many things wrong) I am happy with the way the hummingbird came out.


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