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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

While some of us are watching parades or out on picnics enjoying this Memorial Day, don't forget to thank and/or remember all those who gave so much including the ultimate gift....their lives for this country of ours.

I for one want to thank you....all of you who served and also, the families of all those who served.

So many times we forget about the families but they served too. Not physically going to the base (although some live on a base) but they are tied to their phone, waiting for it to ring to hear a 2 minute conversation with their loved one who they haven't heard from him for months. The sleepless nights, the worried days, the heart that drops to the bottom of their stomach when they see a 'strange' car stopping in front of their house. (For far too many, the knock on the door....they are in uniform with a sad look on their faces). Not only the adults in the family but the children that are pulled up and moved on a moment's notice. Sometimes they are moved so many times the kids don't even want to make friends because they know through experience they have to leave them behind when they once again move to a different state. (I know this through experience). The turmoil they go through is amazing.

I can sit here and list it all but the list will just go on and on. So instead, let me just say, I thank you too.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer.


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