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Monday, May 21, 2012

I went to Point Sebago, MA for a Scrapping Good Time

I ended up using the pictures for a page lifting (Liftateers) which was suppose to be serendipity squares. Well, I am not crazy about how it came out but I did learn a lot by doing it and what not to do. I am not going to change it because it looks like little scraps of paper and after all that is part of scrapbooking. The other two pages I made to go with it. One thing you are not seeing is more stuff was added to the pages such as my name tag I made and wore there and a few other things. It don't scan right when the scanner door isn't shut all the way so I try and leave the bulky stuff off.

Page one

What you need to know is some of the pictures are not real pictures but I cut them from the book that came in our welcome package. The orange one at the top left as well as the bottom one, the small one in the middle of the page and middle one on the right are cut from the book. The water geyser, top right and bottom right (that is the super moon, not the sun) are all mine.

Page two
(this was suppose to be the serendipity page)

Everything on this page is one of my photos. The moose, bird and fish were hanging on the wall in the buffet room. What you can't tell from the photo is they are all made from wooden boards by a local artist. I thought they were the neatest things. I so wanted to take that moose home with me. The Tiki Hut is outside but it was much too cold for them to open that up yet. Oh....we had lobster one night. The bottom middle is what the homes look like and how close they are to the water. If you were able to see to the right of that you would be looking at the picture on the top right of page one. The middle one on the right is my room mate (you don't want to spring the bill for one of these by yourself and since their are two bedrooms, one on each end of the house, room mates are the way to go). Finally in the center is our group. It is a yahoo scrapping group and I know you can't read the shirts but we were known as the "Scrap Pack" there. Oh! I almost forgot....see the little guy on the bottom left? That little chipmunk would not leave me alone. I guess he is use to guests feeding him (he lives right across from the general store) and he would come over and get on my shoe. I would back away and he would follow. At first I thought the thing was rabid but nope....just friendly and begging for food. After all, we were the first ones there since it just opened up for the season.

Page three

This is the page where you don't see the name badge and a few other things that I added once I found them. The top picture on the left is the hall we scrapped in the one on the right is me doing my embossing for a technique swap I am in with the group. I picked "Painting with Embossing Powders" and the picture on the yellow print paper is what I was doing. That is not ink or Copics or anything like that. That whole picture of the sailboats houses, hills, water and sky is  all embossing powder. The only thing on there that isn't is the seagulls. The yellow paper it is on is all beach/sea related. I think you can make out the seagulls on that paper, they are sort of like a shadow. I don't know if you will be able to read it though. On the right side at the top it says "The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul". Again I cut some things out of the book such as the little article about the weekend right next to the swap and of course the lettering "scrapbooking weekend". I don't know if you can see/make out the guy standing there with a spear. He is really small and is almost dead center of the page. I added him because that was going to be the technique I was going to do but realized the Copics smear when you use them on Shrinky Dinks and then clear emboss them so I opted for the painting instead.

It was a wonderful weekend....well, from Thursday - Sunday so slightly over a weekend but still not long enough.


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