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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cards I made

This is my first time using Flower Soft on a card. Of course I have just started making cards. I think it turned out nice although on the scan you can't see this and it might even look like sloppy gluing but not only did I use Flower Soft I also used Fine Crystal so it sparkles and that is what is on the lettering as well as in the Flower Soft. I also used Diamond Glaze on the egg. It looks really nice, like a piece of glass is covering it and so shinny. 

This is my first time making a Sympathy Card...(see post below). I wanted this card perfect and I know it isn't as I can't get the stamps all perfect. I'll get one straight and one won't be. Or they are straight and I don't like the way I colored it, or have the shadow wrong, or some other thing. (The shadowing don't make sense to me. I went with the shadowing of the stamp but if you look at the Bible the shadow is to the right, like the light source is at the top of the Bible but now look at the flowers....they have the shadowing at the top like the light is coming from the bottom. It don't make sense to me.) They may be Copic Markers and I have the blender but for larger areas, it doesn't work where you can't tell so in the trash it goes. This is really "draft" number 16....and so I figured I better use this one or spend the rest of the night stamping and throwing it away because it isn't perfect. Then I figured I wasn't perfect as my hands don't always work and sometimes shake so why should the card be? I just wonder if I should be doing cards because of this. Who would want a card that is not perfect? 
I was going to stamp a candle on the inside of it across from the sentiments but I am afraid to because if it comes out slanted or something else goes wrong I will throw the whole card out and start again. By this rate the person will receive the card in about 10 years from now. Do you think it really needs it? Should I send this or should I just go buy one  instead...what do you think?


  1. They are both beautiful, and I think you should definitely send them!

  2. Your sympathy card is beautiful. When my hubby was sick years ago with cancer, he received probably 75 cards. They were all special, but the 2 handmade ones that he received were extra special. And believe me, neither of us checked with a ruler to see if the stamps were straight!
    Fondly, Tami

  3. I love the Easter card, I already sent you my thoughts on the Sympathy Card,
    They are both thoughtfully crafted.
    Be pleased with your work :-)

  4. Both beautiful and you can tell made from your heart!

  5. They are both beautiful and both keepers...although I guess they should be called "senders"!


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