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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Mistake Works For Me

Ever notice some people have their comments at the bottom of their posts and some at the top? I can't tell you how many times I had posted on the wrong post because I went to the bottom but should have been going to the top. Forums are like that least for me. I was on the Fiskars Forums and I wanted to join the Liftateers. This way it gives me that added push to get a page done. I got all messed up on which one to as there is a one year and a two year. I went to the one year figuring this is my first year there. I was suppose to be on the two year because they had the group now on year two. I also went back and asked if I could make a card out of the page we were to scraplift as it would make a good card. I was told no but there is a card one I could join but this group only does pages. Can be any size you want but pages. So I made it into a page....only to learn my mistake was compounded by the fact that when I went back to Liftateers year 1 to look at the project, I actually was on Card Lifters year 1 and that is why to me I wanted to make a was a card.
Well, now that the page can't be entered as Liftateers because it is the wrong page to lift from and it can't be entered into Card Lifters because although it is the correct page to lift from, it isn't a card. I used it for myself and thought this goes excellent in it. What do you all think?

You should know, this is my Mother at about the age of 18. That dress she is wearing is really pink. She loved Butterflies (as I do), don't know if you can see the lacy gloves or not but she loves roses also (she has some on her bouquet and they were also white and pink.)

(Both card and layout were inspired by Fiskateer Patty 2832)


  1. Wow this is beautiful!!!! I am on the yahoo group and this is how I got here. Which punch did you use for the side embellishment. I love it and I would like to buy whichever one you used. Thanks

  2. Just GORGEOUS! Your mom is so beautiful and makes the perfect centerpiece for your card! Mistake or not my friend, it turned out stunning! *Hugs*


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