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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Page Layout

For my lift in Liftateers I made this page of my son. Ya think I need to catch up a little in my scrapping? Yes that is the correct year...1980. Oh well, better late than never.
This was scanned in 4 pieces (how I wish I had a bigger scanner) and put together. I noticed it was a little off but after about 5 times scanning the same page I figured this was as good as it was going to get for me today. I really need a tip on how to scan all these sections yet move the paper without tilting it. I could have sworn it was exactly the same on the scan bed each time I scanned it but it wasn't.
Another good thing I learned was a better way of scanning so it don't wash all the details out of the project. Well, it still does a little but not like the way the card below was washed out (That bunny is not a flat solid object.)

This page of my son has the pop caps on it and in one is an apple (he loves apples) and the lower one is a green pepper and no it is not because I had nothing else to use but because when he was in his terrible two's I had a veggie garden out back. I grew tomatoes and peppers....some green bell peppers and some hot pepper that were green (can't remember if they stay green or turn red when ripe) and you may already have some thought to what happened and if you think that he took a green pepper and ate it burning his mouth you are wrong.
He picked a pepper.... again....after I told him 100 times not to and stopped him about 200 (remember them terrible 2's) so this time I just about had all I could take and so I let him bite into the hot pepper thinking it would be the last time he even touched the peppers again..... Not the case. He ate that pepper as if he were eating an face changing, eyes watering, screaming.....nothing. He enjoyed that pepper! I figured I messed up when I planted my peppers and have the hot where the bell are. Before I could stop him he picked another and bit into it so I asked him if it was good and he said yes. I then asked if I can have a bite and he was willing to share. So I bit into that pepper and I saw eyes watered, I can feel the steam in my throat, it was taking my breath away, and all I could do is spit the rest out and run for the bread. After a 10 min. recovery time I looked at him and told him it was hot. He told me no...good. 

(Inspired by Golden Amy 2996.)


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