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Friday, April 8, 2011

Shawana's Struggle - Update

Although I do follow a lot of people I do get to each site eventually and on one site I read a story about a women named Shawana that really pulled on my heart strings. It is on Penny Duncan Creations and I invite you to read it as well, here is part one and part two.
Naturally I just had to do something and in my group someone posted a beautiful book that I just fell in love with. I just had to make one and send it to Shawana. So here is my work in progress of her book. Parts are missing that I will be working on tonight (mainly the mini book that goes inside) but I just wanted to share not only my progress with this book but the story of Shawana and invite you too to please make an extra card and send it to her. The address is posted on Penny's site in part two.
UPDATE: The book is now done. Please scroll down to see the rest of it.
Again, I don't have a new camera yet so I appoligise for the fuzzy pictures. 

The 3D embellishment in the upper right corner says, "Inspire."

I didn't realize I never took the book at an angle so you can see that it appears to have pages.

I tried to get a better look at the corners, they are done in a crackle paint and match the ribbon.
This is the side the mini book goes in, you are looking at the bottom of the box with the pages.

 The Mini-book
I made my mini book with the seam binding instead of the paper hinges.

Unfortunately these lost the detail when I scanned them, they are really pretty in person. For example the one with the clocks is covered in crackle paint and one of the clocks is actually up off the page a bit...really nice. On the yellowish panel the rose is covered in that liquid glass. It's a bit 3D and so is the butterfly.


  1. OMG SUE!!!! There are NO WORDS to describe this GORGEOUS piece of ART!!! Shawna has been SO BLESSED to have this made for HER!!! The love you've put into this is shouting out of the piece!!!! What an honor to know see your love expressed in your ART and what a blessed you are to all of us!!!!! This is so breathtaking!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful Sue!!! You are a wonderful lady to do this for Shawana. I know she will feel your love.


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