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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great News with Some Sad and New SVG

I need to go into a short background for those of you who don't remember or are new.

My son is in the Army stationed at Ft. Polk, LA. I haven't seen him since his last leave in July of last year at which time he came home and got married and had to go back a few days later. (Those are the wedding pictures on my blog). His wife, Christina,  lives here in CT and flew down last week to visit him. She was due back Monday night as she has work in the morning. She never moved down there as he is getting discharged some time in May or June of this year.

I couldn't sleep so I was awake at 4 in the morning (I was so sad and had to do this and will tell you all about it below this happy news) and I hear my door rattle as if someone was coming in. So I run into the living room to see who is walking into my house and it was Christina (who wasn't due back for days) and behind her was my son.

He all this time knew he was getting discharged and never said a word about it to her so he surprised her by having her come all the way down there for a visit so she can drive home with him. Then the two of them never said a word to me (my DH knew when she called him but won't tell me) and here they are. Finally he is home!!! He had so much leave time that he was able to get out early and surprise us. I can't believe it and I got to spend his BD with him (34) so I am made a nice dinner and had a cake for him.

Ok.....This is the sad part.....The reason I was awake at 4 in the morning is because on my groups someone said that they were getting company in awhile because her cousin had 10 days to go until his time was done overseas. He was the lead vehicle and hit one of those mines and was killed. She wanted to know if any one has a field cross as they were making a memorial book for the funeral. I have a field cross on my Jeep and with my work with the veterans and memorials I even made several but I never made one into a SVG so I was up all night making an image of one to be used in the memorial book. A book to given to some other soldier's mother as this is all she will have of her son.....memories.

So here I am making this image all night and feeling so sad that this family is going through this wondering if I too will go through this and here though the door walks my son. I thank God I will never feel the pain this family is feeling (and so many more did before and I bet so many will have to go through) because my son is home safe.

The field cross I made is listed in the SVGs on the left side bar....please, pause and give thought for all the families that did not get the wonderful surprise I got with their loved one coming home. I don't care if you are for the war or against it....(has nothing to do with it) is about a family losing a loved one who was out there doing his/her job for the USA.



  1. What to say in such moment you have been through... I´m happy for you to have your family together again, to hug your son..... but what to say about your friend that just lost her kid in the field that was not said yet?!

    Just tell her, we are praying for them! We live in a country who support some "wars" trying peace... and I can say I don´t know what you must feel about it, but certainly have a son far away in situation of risks, is a feeling that no mother wants to have.

    In love, Meri.

  2. That is such a touching story! I am so glad that your family is together once again and that your heart can rest easy knowing that he is safe. Making cards for OWH is one of the most rewarding things that I do, being able to have the heroes keep in touch with their families is so important. God Bless you and your family Sue. -Christie


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