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Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Necklace I Made

Do you still have your first paper craft project? How about sewing project? Any other projects? I don't have my first sewing project. That was a skirt I made in school (and yes, I really did wear it). I don't have the latch hook rug or the embrodered wall hanging either but I do have the first necklace I made.

This is my first beaded necklace. The clasp is the kitten stretched out with the ball of yarn between its front paws. The charm is the kitten on its back with the ball of yarn between all four paws. The beads are long glass slender beads (much like tiny spaghetti beads) that are facet cut so they shine as if they were diamonds with little tiny clear seed beads in between them. The charm and clasp are silver.

Close-up of the charm

Close-up of the clasp


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