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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Blog Hop Winner!!!

Thank you all for your comments. I had a busy weekend so I did not reply to them but I want you to know I read them all. I just want to clarify that the Cricut cartridge 50 States does not have the wrong state for CT but the shape they have for it is wrong. They have it as coming to a point with a straight lines and that isn't how it is shaped. This image below was cut from that cartridge.

I know you can't see the whole thing but here is what the state is shaped like.
Note the lower left that hangs straight lines and no point.

I don't see what the big deal is where Cricut can't come as close to a state shape as I can when they have software designers and all kinds of experts and little old me took years to start a blog because I didn't know how to post. Well, enough about them. I just wanted to clarify it wasn't the wrong state.

Now what you have been waiting I picked the winner and who it is. I know some people didn't answer the question, some didn't want to be included in the prize, some left more than one comment. This is how I do it. I count every comment thus 40 & 19 and put 59 in. What number it spits out I check to make sure the person has answered and don't have multiple posts. (Those with multiple posts get the number of their first post....the second one don't count so they do not get a better chance than any one else. I try and keep this fair as possible.) If that number did not answer the question or want to be included or it was the second post of a person, I do it again until I get a person who did everything (or was their first post). So with all that explained, the winner is....

Congratulations to KellyG !!!

KellyG said: "So cool! I have never been to a crop, only online crops! I am a follower!"

Kelly, you did not leave me a way to contact you so you have 3 days to claim your prize.

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